Home Textile Sector of Bangladesh

Home Textile Sector of Bangladesh
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What is home textile?

Home textile is known as an important sector of technical textile. Home textile refers to the textile used for home decoration. So it is also called hometech or home textile. Demand changes with time and if that demand is for home decoration then the significance of home textile is ineffable.

Home textiles include:
Bed sheets, pillows, pillow covers, table cloths, gloves, curtains, mosquito nets, flooring carpets, furniture fabrics, pillows, mattresses, small rugs etc.

Home textile in bangladesh
Fig: Home textile
Fiber and designing used in home textiles
In addition to natural fibers cotton, silk, wool and linen fibers are used to make home textiles. Various man-made fibers such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, Teflon, acrylic, etc are also being used. Recently some modern fibers are being used for home textiles in the market. Such as- Sendura, Varie, Lintex, Crinkle etc.

In a rapidly changing world the home decor field is very sensitive to all changes. That is why innovative and modern designs and motifs need to be created. Bangladeshi home textile manufacturers are very conscious about fashion making and design which enables them to gain a special place in the international market. Modern design keeps a finger on the pulse of fashion and caters to buyers' tastes and preferences.

Home textile industry in Bangladesh
Home textile factories in Bangladesh are much less than wool or knitwear. 25-30 companies in Dhaka, Gazipur, Chittagong are producing home textiles. Among them, Jaber & Zubair Fabric, Saad Group, Altex, Classical Home, Regent, JK are established as exporters. Etc. Noman Group's Jaber & Zubair Fabrics is leading the home textile in Bangladesh. The company started its journey in 1997 with the conviction of gaining a foothold in the international home textile market. It went into commercial production in March 2000. On the other hand, Saad Musa Group of Chittagong started its journey in 1994 but started exporting home textiles four more years later.

Home textile and commercial status of Bangladesh

Bed and bath linen are the most popular home textile categories in Bangladesh. Bedsheets, towels, pillows, pillow covers are in high demand in the country when compared to other categories in home textiles and the market is witnessing strong growth. Bangladesh is also one of the global competitors in towel production with increasing exports. The country also largely produces a different type of Terry towel which is available in a wide range including face towels, hand towels, assorted color bath towels, golf towels, and bathrobe towels, etc.
Bangladesh home textile market share in % by product, 2019
Fig: Bangladesh home textile market share in % by product, 2019
In 2016, more than $26.86 billion worth of home textiles were imported from outside the EU, according to the data from the European Apparel and Textile Confederation, Euratex. Of the sum, China accounted for 33%, Pakistan 25%, India 16%, and Turkey 11%. Bangladesh’s share was 7-8%. You can see below illustration.
Contribution (%) of different countries in the global home textile market
Fig: Contribution (%) of different countries in the global home textile market (Source: Euratex)
Even a decade ago, buyers of home textile products in the international market understood China, India, Pakistan and Turkey. A decade later, Bangladesh joined the four countries. According to the Bangladesh Terry Towel and Linen Manufacturers Exports Association and Export Promotion Bureau, from the illustration we can see that in 2016-17 financial years, Bangladesh earned US$799.14 million by exporting home textiles. And in the 2017-18 financial years, it increased to US$878.68 million. According to the latest export data, earnings from the home textile sector have fallen by 9.7 percent in the first seven months of the current fiscal year compared to that in the same period of the last fiscal year. So we can say that, we need to put tons of emphasis on this sector to make it sustainable.
Export data of Banglaesh's home textile products
Fig: Export data of Banglaesh's home textile products (in million US$)
Major retailers in Europe and America such as Ikea, Carrefour, Asda, Little Wood, Maurice Phillips, Walmart and Red Cat are importing various home textile products from Bangladesh at an increased rate. As the demand continues to grow, domestic producers are also increasing their production range, expanding into large-scale industries.

Home textiles as a sustainable sector
At present Bangladesh considers the most sustainable environment for manufacturing products. Textile factories are working to produce innumerable products through sustainable practices which are appreciated by the buyers. This culture will keep the country's home textile business afloat. The result is contributing to sustainable growth.

Limitations of home textiles

Exports in the home textile sector are decreasing because of a lack of composite factories, very few Bangladeshi-origin foreign retailers, weak backward linkage industry in home textile and high price of gas, yarn and chemicals in Bangladesh. In the context of Bangladesh, the biggest problem for the home textile sector is the price and supply of cotton, said the entrepreneurs. Bangladesh lags behind China, India and Pakistan. They themselves can easily control 40 to 50 percent of the production cost due to their own cotton supply. And Bangladesh has to depend on the fluctuations of world market prices. Because only 2% of Bangladesh's cotton demand can be met from domestic production. The remaining 98 percent has to be imported.
The home textile business in Bangladesh has a bright future. However, there is a need to create new ideas and ample research opportunities. New entrepreneurs and investors need to come forward in this sector. Taking action is undeniable.

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