Effective Marketing Strategies for the Amplification of Denim Products Export Market of Bangladesh

Effective Marketing Strategies for the Amplification of Denim Products Export Market of Bangladesh 
Md. Ifrith Rahman 
Sr. Executive (Business Development), 
Imperial Allied Chemicals Ltd. 
B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, 
Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology 
MBA in Marketing, University of Dhaka 

In current days Bangladesh has an enormous opportunity to grow in the Denim export markets. Currently Bangladesh become number one exporter of denim products in both USA and Europe market. But still there have a lot of scope of develop. Branding and marketing are essential tools for attracting buyers of denim products. Unfortunately, our manufacturer and exporter are not doing this properly. We have a number of denim manufacturer which are absolutely world class, but due to lack communication success doesn’t comes in proper way. So to amplify the export market of denim products of Bangladesh need to create a competitive marketing system and formulating several unique and effective marketing strategies in order to captivate new customer, develop them and retain existing customer.

Denim products
Fig: Denim products
Arranging Frequent Industrial Visits for Buyers:
Not only in denim manufacturing industry but also in overall textile manufacturing industry in Bangladesh process comes first rather than product. The brand image is not sufficient to get a purchase order from new buyer. Before making any new order, buyers generally visit the factory and get satisfied. During the time of visit, visitor focus on quality of the product and capacity of the company. Even though, a strong brand image doesn’t work to motivate buyers if they haven’t buyer prerequisite quality. Here brand image works as an encouraging factor not the match-wining factor. So to expanding the business Garments and Textile Manufacturing companies often invite buyers to visit the factory and get familiar with the capacity and quality.

Fulfill International Compliance Requirements:
For expanding export market of denim products, denim manufacturing companies should fulfill international compliance requirements.

International Compliances issues are the biggest issues regarding denim industry of Bangladesh. Quality and productivity won’t work if company isn’t fulfill the compliances requirements. Even world biggest and famous buyers consider compliance requirement before they place any order to denim manufacturing companies. These buyers first ensure compliances requirements than place order.

Denim Manufacturing Companies should be maintain global standard in factory and work management. Highest priority has always been on work place safety. Factories should equipped with mechanical, Chemical, electrical hazard free. Companies should maintain local and international rules and regulation related to child labor, force labor, harassment abuse, health and safety issue, benefits, work hour, over time, discrimination and natural environment.

Product and Process Diversification and Modernization:

Diversification and modernization play a significant role for the advancement of denim industry in Bangladesh. Denim manufacturer needs to diversify and modernize their products and process
for increasing the capabilities to meet the demand. Manufacturer should adopt new innovations related with denim and implement them in their production unit.

Vertical Integration through Backward Linkage: 

Vertical integration is a process in which company’s value or supply chain is owned by that company to satisfy a common need. For expanding business of denim products vertical integration plays a very important role.

Vertical integration has a great impact over buyers. To attract buyers composite organization get more advantages. In general vertical integration means the combination in one firm of two or more stages of production normally operated by separate firms. Backward linkage gives value addition to denim manufacturing industry. By the development of vertical integration through backward linkage industry (fiber, spinning, fabric, wet processing, washing) company added more value and profit as well as buyers gratification. For expanding denim products export market manufacturing companies stepped to backward linkage industry with a view to maintaining quality and reduce lead time for export.

Research and Development (R&D):
In this competitive market of denim products, manufacturing companies should have R&D unit for the continuous betterment of product and process.

Denim manufacturing companies should established their own Research and Development unit to meet the current demand of the customers. This R&D is responsible for continuous development of new denim design, fabric construction, dyeing effect and technology, wash and finishing effect of denim products to meets the buyer’s requirement efficiently and effectively.

Managing Customer Relationship with Buyers: 

For expanding market of denim products it’s all about making relationship with the respective buyers. Denim manufacturer wants to make a good relationship by fulfilling the desire wants of the buyers. Trust and credibility plays most important role for customer relationship management. So loyalty program has been developed and repeat purchase take place.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
Companies provide schooling facilities to the local children and worker children, Health care facilities, day care center for worker children, Canteen and Club facilities in the factory. Denim manufacturing companies should be aware about their activities have a major impact on the environment. To save natural environment in the factory area companies should undertaken a massive tree plantation program. Every factory’s should have waste management plant to avoid hazard. This CSR activities not only useful for social stability but also have a positive impact to the buyers which plays an important role for market expansion.

Integrated Promotional Strategies:
To expand denim products market companies should use integrated promotional strategies. Generally denim manufacturing industry follows business-to-business concept. As result it has to make a good relationship with the buyers and suppliers. Traditionally promotional campaigns are limited to Magazine advertisements and arranging trade show for buyers. Manufacturer needs to formulate strategies to retain the buyers. Manufacturer should arrange formal presentation, send brochures about their product, capacity, quality, machineries to give an impression about company to fulfilling the requirements.

In this digital world digital marketing also plays an important role for promotion. Manufactures implement different digital marketing tools like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Video marketing etc. for promoting their product, process and capacity to their target audiences.

So all in all denim manufacturing companies should implement all promotional strategies in integrated way for attracting their respective buyers.

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