Vegan Leather: Newest Sustainable Fashion

Cloths in a cheapest prices moves to Fashion in a cheapest prices moves to fast fashion in a cheapest price but in a sustainable way (H&M).

We make our cloths to last using material that have been sourced with cares so that our customer look good feel good and do good. (M&S)

Growing organic cotton that uses 98% of less water and 0% harmful chemicals. Invent Indigo dyeing process with no salt and 70% less chemicals. Use washing technique without waste a drop of water (98% recycled+2% evaporates). Drying in a sunlight that saves 85% energy. Finally each garments is 98% recycled. The most sustainable jeans ever. (G-Star RAW)

And many world’s largest clothing industries start to move in a sustainable fashion keep in mind our environment where we live. Two Mexican entrepreneurs Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez is one of them. This two are doing some impossible.

Vegan leather from cactus
Fig: Vegan leather from cactus
Vegan Leather
Leather is an integral part of fashion industries which is basically comes from animals. Also some synthetic leather is introduced in fashion industry which opposite to sustainable so we are not talking about this. This animals are drinking a lot of water and the leather comes from them needs to be processed which needs more water. The wastages water release to environment and polluting exact like dyeing process of clothing. Animal were killed which affect the environment ecosystem.

So what can be the solution? Leather demand can’t be dropped from fashion industries. An alternative needs to be invented.

Adrian Lopez Velarde & Marte Cazarez
Luckily two men created an alternative leather from CACTUS Leaves. This idea of using Cactus was developed because cactus tree doesn’t need water to cultivate. They can grow everywhere in the world. Cactus is known for their thick leaves, it is good for skin, and the cultivation of this tree can reduces carbon di oxide from atmosphere. Also its basic nature to hold the moisture can make the product breathable and comfortable. So this two named this alternative leather VEGAN LEATHER DESSERTO.

Manufacturing Process of Vegan Leather
Its manufacturing process also involves organic touch. Matured leaves are cut manually. Gentle wash to remove only the dust. Mashed the leaves, dry it sunlight for three days and mixed with nontoxic chemicals. Due to their absorbency nature they can also be dyed in a natural way of any shade and then finishing process is applied. Now it is ok to use. Vegan leather is flexible so any shape can be performed. You can make leather jackets, shoes, bags, wallets etc. As the raw material is sourced from planet and its manufacturing process is not also harmful so vegan leather is certified as organic leather.

Cactus field
Fig: Cactus field
Vegan Leather is not only the best alternative for its characteristics but also its price almost similar to animal leather. Now it is in development stages but when it’s manufactured in large volume this price will be more affordable means fashion with cheapest cost in a sustainable way.

Vegan cactus leather company DESSERTO has been nominated for Germany’s Green Product Award 2020 international organic product award. This award honors those company who manufactured innovative product which sustainable in service.

Scope to Develop Trims & Accessories to Promote Vegan Leather
Time is not come yet. But it doesn’t mean that innovation doesn’t become needs. The Tags made of organic paper speaks about its organic cloths, as like Tags are made by recycled paper speaks about its recycle cloths. So when Fashion product is manufactured by vegan leather then the tags also be made by Vegan leather and it is possible to print in different color, Embossed and cutting.

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