Dry Washing Techniques of Denim Jeans

Dry Washing Techniques of Denim Jeans
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Dry Washing:
Garments (specially for denim garments) dry washing is a new technology in garments business. It change the garment outlook, appearance and comfort ability and it creates new market by developing different designs. In this article I will point out different dry washing process of denim jeans.

Dry Washing Techniques:
  1. Hand Scraping
  2. Sand Blasting
  3. Whiskering
  4. Tagging
  5. Wrinkle
  6. Grinding
  7. Destroy
  8. PP spray
  9. Color spray
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All dry washing process of denim are described below:

Hand scraping:
  • Garments worn to a rubber dummy.
  • Dummy fill by air.
  • Scraping the selected area by emery paper.
  • Produce distress look.
Hand Scraping of denim
Fig: Hand scraping
Scraping done -
  • Front thigh & back seat
  • Upper back knee.
  • Upper pocket side.
Scraping is done with:
  • Rubber balloon or rubber dummy.
  • Silicon scraping or emery paper.
Rubber dummy is used in hand scraping
Fig: Rubber dummy is used in hand scraping
emery paper
Fig: Emery paper
  • Creates line around the crotch
  • A whisker board carry the Design slot.
  • This Design board is placed inside the garment
  • Hand sand is done on garment.
Whiskering on jeans
Fig: Whiskering on jeans
Sand blasting:
  • Its scrubbing off the garments.
  • Using high speed air mixed with very fine particle of sand.
  • Blasted the garments surface.
  • Effect produced on most viewed area.
  • Higher the Blowing angle, higher the fading effect.
Sand blasting
Fig: Sand blasting
  • Done by Bench Grinding machine.
  • Grinding creates old/ used look.
  • Done on leg opening, pocket area, pocket fluff.
Grinding of jeans
Fig: Grinding of jeans
  • Done by Tagging machine or manually.
  • Tag pin binding the garment fabrics.
  • Then garments is wet washed and binding area show the unwashed appearance.
Tagging of jeans
Fig: Tagging of jeans
Color spray:
  • Dye solution is applied by spray gun.
  • Its done against downward flow.
  • Must be oven drying.
Color spray on denim
Fig: Color spray on denim
  • Done by resin solution.
  • A wooden board is placed inside the garments.
  • A knit cut piece is put over the wrinkle area and clipped by metal clip.
  • After 10 minutes the area is unclipped and hammered.
  • The garments are sent to the oven for permanent effect.
Wrinkle on denim
Fig: Wrinkle on denim
PP spray:
  • Produced bright effect on sand blasting area.
  • Fine gum is used in potassium permanganate to increase the solution density.
  • Spray is done against a downward flow of water.
PP spray
Fig: PP spray
  • Destroy the warp yarn.
  • Done by knife or hand grinding machine.
  • A rubber board should placed inside the garment.
Destroy denim
Fig: Destroy denim
It is true that generation are changed their mind about their cloths. In today’s market dry washing is more poplar fashion because of its acceptance, and it is very hard competitive for living in market. So Dry Washing technique is greater effective to leading the garments business.
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