Textile Engineering – A Dream Job

I never thought of being a "Textile Engineer" from my childhood. Actually, I did not know that there is a subject of Textile Engineering. My goal was to be an army officer. But due to some of my physical problems, I couldn't fulfill my dream. In the end, my university life began at Port City International University on an unknown subject called Textile Engineering.

But in the first class, our respected Dean Sir Dr. Mafjal Ahmed told that "Textile Engineer” is such a thing whose needs never decrease, but rather increase. We can live a day without Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, but we can’t stay one second without clothes. As long as we live on earth, we will be there. Then I think that I made a wonderful decision without any knowledge of this subject.

Textile Engineering

The biggest industry in Bangladesh is ready-made garments. About 85% of Bangladesh's exports come from the textile and clothing industries. At present, this sector has earned a reputation in the world market as well as the employment of millions of people. Currently, the textile industry has a lot of demand for skilled Textile Engineers. But the number of eligible candidates in this profession is less than in Bangladesh. Foreigners are occupying this place. This is not a pleasant thing for us.

Textile Engineers have huge employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors in the country. There are also job opportunities in different garment industries. There is a demand for Textile Engineers in various domestic and foreign buying houses. NASA scientists are employing Textile Engineers to make space suits and nanofiber, carbon fiber shields.

Unemployment problems are increasing day by day in our country. We should come out of traditional ideas and build a career in the potential textiles and clothing industries. Congratulations on the advance of those who want to build their own career in this industry.

Article written by-

Utso Das Shuvro
3rd Year, Textile Engineering Department
Port City International University

Email: dasutso66@gmail.com

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Mazharul Islam Kiron is a textile consultant and researcher on online business promotion. He is working with one European textile machinery company as a country agent. He is also a contributor of Wikipedia.

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