Different Types of Caps with Pictures

Different Types of Caps with Images
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What is CAP?
Cap is a new garment product of Bangladesh. Now a day the are many factories in Bangladesh produce different types of cap and export many countries such as U.S.A, Canada, U.K, Japan and so on. Generally woven and knit fabric is used to make cap. Also, nylon mesh fabric is used for making cap. It is one of the important fashion accessories

different types of cap
Fig: Different types of cap
A cap is a form of headwear. Caps have crowns that fit very close to the head and have brim or visor. They are typically designed for warmth and, when including a visor, blocking sunlight from the eyes. They come in many shapes and sizes. Caps have only a visor, no brim.

List of Cap Buyer;

  1. New Era
  2. Paramount
  3. Tommy Hilfiger
  4. Walmart
  5. Triple Crown products
  6. Performance Headwear
  7. Max Apparel U.S.A
  8. DPI
  9. Oury
  10. H3
  11. Japana
  12. Itochu
  13. Caps Direct
  14. Design Dynamics and so on.
Different types of cap style:
  1. Sun visor
  2. Bomber
  3. 5 BB cap
  4. 6 BB cap
  5. Patrol cap
  6. IVY
  7. J style
  8. Fedora
  9. 5 Panel fitted cap
  10. 6 Panel fitted cap
  11. Bucket
Below some information about this cap style;

Sun visor or Sports cap:
A sun visor or visor cap - also called a sports visor - is a type of crownless hat consisting simply of a visor or brim with a strap encircling the head. The top of the head is not covered and the visor protects only the face, including eyes, nose, and cheeks, from the sun.

Sun visor cap
Fig: Sun visor cap
Bomber hat:
A bomber hat also known as an aviator hat, is a usually a leather cap with large earflaps, a chin strap and, often, a short bill that is commonly turned up at the front to show the lining (often fleece or fur). It is often worn with goggles. It may be made of other materials, such as felt.

bomber hat
Fig: Bomber hat
6 BB Cap:
A type of soft, light cotton cap with a rounded crown and a stiff, frontward-projecting bill. These types of cap have 6 panel on crown. The front of the cap typically contains designs or logos of sports teams (namely baseball teams, or names of relevant companies, when used as a commercial marketing technique). The back of the cap may be "fitted" to the wearer's head size or it may have a plastic, Velcro, or elastic and zipper strip, adjuster so that it can be quickly adjusted to fit different wearers.

BB cap
Fig: BB cap
Patrol cap:
A patrol cap, also known as a field cap, is a soft with a stiff, rounded visor, and flat top, somewhat similar to a baseball cap.

Patrol cap
Fig: Patrol cap
IVY cap:
IVY cap also known as (flat cap, cabbie cap, gatsby cap, cloth cap, scally cap, Wigens cap, derby hat, jeff cap, driving cap, bicycle cap, Irish cap) is a rounded cap with a small stiff brim in front. Cloths used to make the cap include wool, tweed (most common), and cotton. Less common materials may include leather, linen, or corduroy. The inside of the cap is commonly lined for comfort and warmth.

IVY cap
Fig: IVY cap
Fedora cap:
A fedora is a hat with a soft brim and indented crown. It is typically creased lengthwise down the crown and "pinched" near the front on both sides. Fedoras can also be creased with teardrop crowns, diamond crowns, center dents, and others, and the positioning of pinches can vary.

Fedora cap
Fig: Fedora cap
Bucket Hat:
A bucket hat (variations of which include the fisherman's hat, Irish country hat and session hat) is a hat with a wide, downward-sloping brim. Typically, the hat is made from heavy-duty cotton fabric such as denim or canvas, or heavy wool such as tweed, sometimes with metal eyelets placed on the crown of the hat for ventilation.

Bucket cap
Fig: Bucket cap
Day by day the demand of using cap is increasing for fashion issue & if we catch cap marketing, this is very profitable for us. So, we should take necessary steps and build up more cap factories in Bangladesh.

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