Factors Affecting Selection of Clothing

Factors Affecting Selection of Clothing
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The basic requirements of human being are food, clothing and haven, after food person looks for second important need i.e. clothing. People expect much more things from clothing than to satisfy our basic needs. In some societies the clothing is used for expressing wealth, states, age, occasion and gender etc.

selection of clothing
Fig: It illustrates the important factor which influences the selection of clothing. The factors which influences on clothing selection can divided mainly into four groups I. e:- social factor, economic factor environment factor and psychological factor.
Factors for Textile or Clothing Selection:

1) Social factor: 

In social factor we consider following things & those are

   A) The place where person live (urban or ruler).
   B) Cultural background of person.
   C) Gender
   D) Occupation

   E) Occasion
   F) Social states

A) The place where person live (urban or rural):

Depending upon the area and place where a person lives the pattern, shape, style of clothing changes. In urban areas because of very close cultural interaction between the various sections of people. The pattern & style of clothing is cosmopolitan in nature. But in other hand in rural area the human clothing is influenced by regional factors.

Dress according to where a person lives
Fig: Dress according to where a person lives
B) Cultural background of person:
The second factor which influenced on selection of clothing is cultural background of person and upbringing of a person.

Selection of clothing according to cultural background of person
Fig: Selection of clothing according to cultural background of person
C) Gender:
The modern society not believe in gender biasness & strongly oppose this, but we all are still comfortable in maintaining difference in male & female

Dress selection according to gender
Fig: Dress selection according to gender
D) Occupation:
Humans select clothing depends upon his occupation. Because of this reasons only we find the difference in a police man and a common man and also we find the difference in Army man and a common man.

Dress selection on his occupation
Fig: Dress selection on his occupation
E) Occasion:
Generally human select clothing depends upon the occasion namely formal wear and casual wear. In office people wear formal dress & in leisure stripe be wear casual wear.

formal wear and casual wear
Fig: Formal wear and casual wear
F) Social status:
The human being always interested to show his social status through clothing, hence in past king always wearing a royal clothing.

King clothing
Fig: King clothing
2) Economic Factors:
In economics factors the important components are economic condition of society economic status of individual & availability of technology & raw material. If there is change in economic condition of society than it reflects on clothing. We know that the pattern of poor & rich peoples are different some people select clothing depends on affordability, & some people selects clothing to show his economic status.

selects clothing to show his economic status
Fig: Selects clothing to show his economic status
3) Environmental Factors:
IN environmental factors condition includes like too cold, too hot, raining, chilling wind etc. We select cloth to take protection from extreme environment, unusual places (space or under water). The selection of clothing changes as the environment condition is change. In this factor one person will not use same clothing in different climatic condition. Depends upon climatic temperature the garments are broadly divided into two categories winter wear clothing & summer wear clothing.
Summer and winter wear
Fig: Summer and winter wear
4) Physiological factor:
This factor includes age, condition of age of person, body structure, physiological response of body, activity level etc. The clothing patterns are changes with age of the person due to physiological & physiological changes with time

Child and old cloth
Fig: Child and old cloth
Ex- A small child required different types of cloth & a age person required different type of cloth. Clothing selection also depends on physical health of person, the person who have a special build of body required a different kind of cloth.

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