How a Merchandiser Can Prepare a Correct and Complete Production File

How a Merchandiser Can Prepare a Correct and Complete Production File

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Merchandisers those are working in the factory they need to prepare production file. This is an important task for him to start production. But we see in many of the factory merchandiser fails to distribute correct production file & finally face lots of difficulties. Sometime this brings big disaster for the order & then happens a big loss. Just a simple example – If correct measurement spec is not given in the production file or give wrong sample then no one can stop the disaster. So need careful production file making & check everything carefully.
Making a production file (Symbolic picture)
Production file generally require below items

1. Latest sample comments:
Always need to be very careful to give updated sample comments. Suppose buyer gave pp comments & later they added new comments and ask to follow it in production. But if merchandise is not aware enough to give additional comments in the file then production people may not follow this instruction. Here merchandiser is the only one person who knows the new instruction because he is in the communication with the buyer.

2. Size spec:
Many time it was seen final size spec is not provided by mistake & then problem happen. So merchandiser should have to be careful for correct size spec. He should have to check again again to be confirming that correct size spec is given.

3. Tech pack:
Tech pack is the details for product. So need to be careful for latest tech pack when he is preparing production file. Because it was seen that buyer changed the tech pack after pp sample & asked to follow the same in production but if production people follow blindly the PP sample then mistake will happen.

4. How to measure:
This is also important as the size spec because if how to measure is not provided then people in production will do wrong. All the customers do not provide how to measure with the tech pack but has a general instruction. So this is to be ensuring that how to measure is given with updated one.

5. Fabric details & ref of all kind of fabric:
Details of fabrication are important to provide. If the garment has different fabrication with different color or quality then needed to add them with production file. Most importantly fabric swatch from bulk has to give so that people in production will not be confused.

6. Po sheet:
Order sheet is the most important document for order execution. Some time we see buyer updated order sheet with new delivery date if asked for extension. But merchandiser if not careful to check the quantity along with size ratio then big mistake may wait later. Because some time buyer change the quantity or ratio without any prior notice. So production file should be added with correct order sheet.

7. Print / embroidery art work:
Art work should be added with size grading for print & embroidery. If possible color art work is more helpful for color understanding.

8. Test report:
Garment test report is needed to add in the production file for shrinkage & other problem. If test is not required from buyer then factory should have to complete in-house test on garment & keep it in the production file.

9. Barcode sheet if require:
Readable barcode sticker is important to add in the file with all the reference number. If EN code is different for all colors& sizesthen all the reference number should have to give.

10. Trim card:
Complete trim card is a short detail of the product. If trim card is not complete for the some items then carefully mention what item is not given. Generally trim card is to provide for – Garment store, Garment sewing section & Garment finishing.

11. PP sample:
If possible color wise PP sample must provide with the production file. Any change if require in the production which is missing in the pp sample then merchandiser has to write the comments on the sample what is needed to add or remove.

Finally mark the section where to distribute paper document from production file. Generally below sections require paper document from production file.
  • Knitting section
  • Dyeing section
  • Dyeing finishing
  • Cutting section
  • Garment sewing section
  • Garment store
  • Garment finishing

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