Difference between Tailoring and Industrial System for Garment Production

Difference between Tailoring and Industrial System for Garment Production
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Tailoring and industrial system for garments production output is same thing but the working technique is different than other. In tailoring system maximum work is done by manual and in industrial system maximum work is done by machine.
Tailoring                                                 Industrial System
Difference between Tailoring and Industrial System for Garment Production
A garment can be manufactured either or by the both tailoring and industrial systems but still there are some differences between them according to the following points: 
Garments size
Standard body measurement
A particular body measurement
Product cost
Lower comparing with tailoring.
Incurs higher production cost.
Investment cost
A significant capital is required.
Lower capital is introduced comparing with industrial.
Less time is required to make a complete garment (1 - 2 minutes approximately)
It takes more time (usually 1 – 2 hours)
Less wastage due to efficient planning at every stage.
More wastage due to incompetent planning.
Body fitting
May not be well fitted for all
Fit exactly with the body.
Man power
Involve a large amount of personnel
A least amount of personnel is involved.
Requirement of patterns
Must obvious for a large amount of production at a time and for planning accurately.
Since a single piece of garment to be produced it does not require any pattern.
Number of machines
Different types of machine for different types of stitches.
The garment requires one or a few variety of stitches so one or a few variety of machine is enough..
Large space is required for setting up different sections.
A small room is quite enough.
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