Working Process of Fabric Store Department in Apparel Industry

Working Process of Fabric Store Department in Apparel Industry
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Store Department
For a bulk production industry it is essential to maintain a well-organized & well equipped inventory system. The main responsibility of this department is to store all the raw material necessary to produce garments. This department is sub divided into three sections.
Garment store room
Garment store room
Working Flowchart of Fabric Store Department:
They follow a strong and appropriate working procedure. Their work process flow is given below:
Working flowchart
Working Procedure:
Receiving Fabric roll

Woven fabrics are supplied in roll package. Once these rolls of fabric are delivered the store in-charge receives the incoming consignment. This is the first phenomenon which is done in fabric store.

In-house Inventory
Once these rolls are received, the store in-charge matches the packing list of the fabric consignment with the original quantity of the fabric rolls (i.e. fabric width, fabric length). He also keeps the all the record in a log book. This inventory maybe done alone by the store in-charge or with the presence of a representative of the fabric supplier.

Cutting for inspection
At the time of inventory a piece of fabric is cut form every roll. The piece is of full width of the fabric and of a length depending on buyer (i.e. for H&M 22 inch of length, for others 12 inch of length). These cut piece is send for inspection tests like shrinkage, blanket making for shade segregation.

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