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Work Study Techniques in Garment Industry

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Introduction to Work-Study
Work study is the systematic examination of the method of carrying activities, so as to input the effective use of resources and to setup standards and performance for the activities being carried out. Management frequently alls on specialist to assist it in improving productivity .One of the most powerful tools they can use is that of Work-Study.
Work Study
When management calls on work -study to improve productivity then they aim at:
  1. Examining the way an activity is being carried out.
  2. Simplifying or modifying the method.
  3. Reduce unnecessary or excess work.
  4. Wasteful use of resources
  5. Setting up a time standard for performing that activity.
Objectives of Work Study:
  1. Lower cost.
  2. Increase productivity.
  3. Increase profitability.
  4. Increase job security.
  5. To make the work easier.
  6. Establish fair task for everyone.
  7. Check achievements against standard.
History of Work-study in Bangladesh
Mr. F W Taylor who is called the father of scientific management is the founder of work-study. During the Second World War USA needed so many arms within a short time. Then Mr. F W Taylor applied Work-Study method to make many arms in short time & go tremendous result. After that work-study is being used in everywhere. Now it‘s circumference is getting larger day by day.

Mr. Keith Harding form England started Work-Study in Bangladesh (Young one Corporation) in 1991.Now it is contributing very well to increase the productivity in Bangladesh.

Work Study & The management
  • Work-study definition
  • Techniques of work-study
  • Basic procedure of work-study
  • Characterics of work-study
  • Method study
  • Motions
  • Work measurement
  • Time study
  • Critical examination technique
  • Select where to start
  • Productivity
  • The task of management
  • Basic & total time
  • Poor design & specification
  • Inefficient methods
  • Human resource
  • Reduction of excess
  • The qualified worker
  • Size set sample making
  • Pre-production meeting
  • Break down
  • Layout
  • Machine & work process flow chart
  • Cycle check
  • Bottle neck
  • Line balancing
  • Production study
  • Method study
Benefit of Work Study
  1. It increases productivity at cheap cost.
  2. It is a systematic and comprehensive method of analyzing a problem. So low factor is overlook in evaluating the problem and finding out the solution.
  3. It can be easily and quickly implemented.
  4. It provokes benefit as soon as it is applied and continuous till it is in use.
  5. It can reduce hazard by developing made of work.
  6. It is the most accurate method of setting time of performance upon which effective planning and production control relies upon.
  7. Production quota can be determined for daily or hourly workers.
  8. Production capacity of a mill or machine can be determined.
Flowchart of Working Process:

Sample collection from buyer/merchandiser.

Preparing of operation bulletin.

Prepare a machine lay out.

Monitoring the line situation.

Time study and balancing.

Individual operation follows up.

Line wise efficiency, daily report.

Daily lost time analysis

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