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The purpose of the Trends in fashion and garment technology is to study about the previous and upcoming trends in the market. Trends in fashion and garment technology is a relatively novel and emerging area within the fashion and textile industry. Topics include the design process and the latest trends running in the market according to the requirement of the customer.

The latest fashion uses advances in science and technology to design and produce fashion products. Methods used in fashion and garment borrow from technologies developed in the fields of chemistry, computer science, aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, architecture, industrial textiles, and competitive athletic wear. Fashion projects an image of rapid change and forward thinking—a good environment for use of the latest technologies in production methods and materials. As technology becomes more integrated with one’s everyday life, its influence on the fashion one wears continues to increase.

Textile designers have a heightened interest in combining both chemical and mechanical processes to develop beautiful and practical fabrics with latest designs. And this keen interest of designers develop new designs which gives the abstract idea of latest trends in the field of garment and fashion technology .In this paper we will study about different trends varies season to season & strategy behind the new trend and design. This article follows:
  1. Summer trends of 2012
  2. Winter trends of 2012
  3. Latest upcoming trends
  4. Strategy behind changes in fashion and trends
  • Gain a greater understanding of the societal, cultural and political restraints that prompt us either to conform to or resist change.
  • Gain an understanding of the concepts of cultural assimilation and acculturation
  • Understand that political/social change as it relates to dress can be influenced by social conflict, power structure, and the economic system
  • To Improve market value
  • To improve customer satisfaction
  • To gain new developments in the field of fashion
  • New developments in the field of fashion
The meaning of Latest trends and fashion technology gives An explanation of fashion as a sign system of cultural change and tribal belonging. New trends development depends on the climate, culture, weather and the textiles materials, there are different trends of fashion in different states at different times. Outfits can be made from different types of textiles to suit different occasions and climate, mostly Indian like using cottons and silk apparels, lately the fashion trend in India is diverting towards western culture and people prefer to wear western style outfits .India is the world’s second largest producer of textiles and garments after China. It is the world’s third largest producer of cotton after China and the USA

Fashion is a very broad word, fashion never remains the same over time, over the years Fashion has always been changing, in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s etc and the Indian fashion scenario wasn’t exactly colour less. It was exciting, stylish and very graceful. There were no designers, models, star or fashion design labels that the country could show off.

The garment and apparel industry involves advertising, designing and selling of fashionable clothes. Each outfit fabricated has a specific theme, purpose and target market of its own. For classifying the upcoming trends, apparel world connects with the designers and marketers who keep track of all the essential requirement of consumers.

The art and work related with the designers is not only restricted with the designing of clothes but also broadens to fashion accessories like shoes, bags, jewellery and many more. The interest in fashion apparel is on endless rise; accordingly the concerned opportunities and competition are there.

Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2012:
Spring/Summer fashion is all about bright colours and bold prints. So, it’s right time to ditch the dark Summer clothes and go for something colourful and trendy, must-have pieces of the season. For Spring/Summer 2012, women fashion trends feature dazzling prints, eye-popping colours, and overall, new styles.

The top Spring/Summer 2012 fashion trends for women includes bright neon’s, vivid lip colours, statement making necklaces, dip dye hair looks, sheer pieces and much more. These fashion trends are chic, bold and extremely wearable. So, check out what’s hot in Spring/Summer fashions trends 2012 that you can add to your look. 
Coloured Jeans Trend: 
Coloured Jeans
Bright and pastel skinny jeans are all the rage for Spring/Summer 2012. So, bring a burst of sunshine to your wardrobe with some fun, playful and super trendy coloured jeans.

Spice up your look by pairing them with tops, blouses, jackets and blazers. Nowadays, market has a wide selection of coloured denim hues including hot red, neon pink, aqua, green, yellow, soft lavender, milky green etc..

Colour Block Trend:
Colour Block
The trend that is popping out everywhere this season is colour block fashion trend. Fun and playful dresses in striking combinations are in.

Hollywood divas are rocking a mix of hot pink, emerald green, tangerine, lemon yellow, turquoise and many more vibrant shades on red carpet and street. Try out colour blocking effect on clothes, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories for a fun-edgy look.

Floral Jeans Trend:
Floral Jeans
This season its all about floral prints. Floral print trend has dominated most Spring/Summer 2012 runways and now floral jeans trend has become one of the season’s biggest trends.

Add twist to your wardrobe, with some lovely pairs of floral jeans. These jeans are available in soft pastels as well loud hues with Spring floral images. Wear this style of denim with jackets, cardigans and tops.

Neon Colour Trend:
Neon Colour
Embrace the Spring spirit in a loud neon coloured dress. From dresses to shoes, handbags to hair or nails; everything is going neon. Get ready to bring a pop of electric neon colour to your wardrobe.

The key to stay true to trend is never wear many neon pieces at the same time. Don’t forget to wear neon coloured shoes, bags, jewellery etc for a fresh and fun look.

Maxi Dress Trend:
Maxi Dress
Be the centre of attention with feminine and elegant maxi dress. Summery maxi dress is an essential piece of every woman’s wardrobe. These long flowing dresses are flattering, comfy and very smart.

There are an array of styles you can choose from. Wear them with flats and chunky jewellery pieces for a gorgeous look.

Bright Printed Dress Trend:
Bright Printed Dress
It’s spring, so it’s right to add some colour and lots of fun to the wardrobe. You’ll be dressed to impress in vibrant and printed Summery dresses. Cool, comfy and chic styles of these feminine dresses are sure to blow you away. So, make a splash in bold and bright dress and enjoy season to the fullest.

Colorful Blazer Trend:
Colorful Blazer
The next hottest trend is colour full blazer trend that adds interest to any outfit. Be different and rocks a bold colure blazer with your favourite denim for maximum impact.

Nothing makes a colourful blazer eye-catching more than pairing it with simple pieces. If you are bold enough, mix and match it with other colourful pieces. You can wear this eye-popping piece with jeans, short dresses, capris and even shorts.

Dip Dye Hair Trend:
Dip Dye Hair
Something that has really caught everyone’s attention this season is dip dye hair fashion. Dip dye is a way of highlighting the bottom tips of hair with bright hair colour.

Currently plenty of A-list celebs like Jaime King, Dakotta Fanning, Kate Bosworth, January Jones etc are rocking this trend. Dip dye hair look bold, daring and amazing. Always choose the shade that balance your current shade and suits your skin tone too.

The top lip colours for Spring/Summer 2012 are electric tangerine, hot red, neon pink and bright coral. An eye-popping lipstick is sure to put all eyes on you, so don’t be afraid to play up with your look by painting your lips with loud hues.

Statement Necklace Trend:
Statement Necklace
Chic and chunky statement necklace is a best way to add some punch to the look. From huge gold necklaces to multi-coloured gemstone necklaces, edgy metallic chokers to giant pearl pieces; there are lots of styles available.

This beautiful jewellery is a perfect complementary accessory that adds instant glamor to look. The main key is to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

Sheer Fashion Trend:
Sheer Fashion
Show off your bold fashion statement with sexy see-through dresses. Get ready to flaunt your assets in sheer tops and skirts that make a woman look daring and sexy like hell.

These days, ladies are rocking sheer tops and shirts with peek-a-boo bra. You can also shows some skin in long sheer skirts without exposing too much. But don’t forget to wear bodysuit, shorts, tights etc to protect your modesty.

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