Consumption Formula for Woven Fabric | Woven Fabric Consumption Formula

Consumption of Woven Fabric
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Woven Fabric Consumption Formula
The quantity of fabric which is required to produce a garment is called consumption. How much fabric is required to produce a garment, we can determine it through marker planning and mathematical system. We can calculate and determine the consumption of fabric by the following two systems: 1. Marker planning system 2. Mathematical system . There are also two formula for fabric consumption. One is woven fabric consumption formula and another is knit fabric consumption formula. Now I only discuss on Consumption of woven fabric. Which is done in mathematical system.
Consumption of woven fabric
To calculate the woven fabric consumption the following requirements is need.
  1. Fabric Description.
  2. Fabrics width/weight.
  3. Measurement chart with technical spec.
  4. Washing shrinkage if any.
  5. Style Description.
Formula for woven fabric consumption:

Formula = Length X Width / Fab width X Fab Unit


Length = length of the specific parts + allowance

Width = width of the specific parts + allowance

Fab width = Fabric width ( after considering the shrinkage allowance). Say, fabric width is 45″ & the shrinkage allowance is 1″, Then the Fabric width will be (45″-1″) = 44″ in the formula.

Fab unit = Fabric calculation unit, here it will be 36 because we are going to calculate the consumption in Yards.

For example, calculate the consumption of a Shirt (front part):

Center front length = 32″+1″ (Sewing allowance) = 33″

Width (Chest) = 24″ + 1″ (Sewing allowance) + 3″

Pleat.W (1.5*2) = 28″
= Length X Width / Fab width X Fab Unit
= 33″ X 28″ / 44″ X 36″
= 924″ / 1584″
= 0.5833333
= 0.59 Yards. (for front part)

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