Common Fabric Defects With Images

Common Fabric Defects

Ramandeep Singh
B.Tech, Dept. of Textile Engineering
Giani Zail Singh Punjab Technical University Campus,
Bathinda, Punjab, India

Fabric Defects:
Knitted Fabric Defects

Dye Mark
Dye Spot

by defective machine elements

Wales Collapse in straight line

Missing Plush Loop
Mulfunctioning of loop 

Pin Marks
Poorly adjusted stenter pin

Thickness of yarn

Over twisted yarn

Excessive oil, dirt

Woven Fabric Defects

Variation in weft yarn

Colour Bleeding
Poor Wet fastness

Burst Selvedge
Poor Construction selvedge

Pin Marks
Poor stenter pin

slack warp, faulty pattern card

Incorrect weft insertion

Reed Mark
Damaged reed

Starting Place
restarting of loom

Slack End
Insufficient Warp Tension

Slough-off Weft
Weft yarn slips from pirn

Wrong End
lack of control of warp tension
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