Role of BGMEA in the Development of Bangladesh Ready-made Garments (RMG) Sector

Role of BGMEA in the Development of Bangladesh Ready-made Garments (RMG) Sector

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What is BGMEA?
Those who are doing job or study in Garments sector must know about BGMEA. BGMEA is building a strong backbone of Bangladesh’s economy. BGMEA actually the short form of –“Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association” which is one of the largest trade associations in our country representing the readymade garment industry particularly the woven garments, knitwear and sweater sub-sectors. BGMEA has started its journey in 1983 in our country.
Workers in RMG Industry
How BGMEA Runs?
BGMEA is consists of by 27-members.There are Board of Directors, those are elected person. The Board of Directors is elected for a two-year term. The Board of Directors takes assistance from different Standing Committees headed by a Chairman and composed of members having vast experience in the related fields. But the President is the highest executive authority of the association. In BGMEA election the entire disciplined are maintained with restriction.

Mission and Vision
BGMEA has some mission and vision. BGMEA works with the vision- Playing Role to Develop Garments Sector

01. Trade Facilitation & Promotion-Organizes Bangladesh Apparel & Textile Exposition (BATEXPO) since 1989 and the Chittagong Fabric, Apparel and Textile Exposition (CAFAXPO) since 2003.

02. Human Resources Development- Job placement program for the people with-disabilities, training for the member factories on social and environmental standards, Undertook program to enhance productivity & quality at factory.

03. Green & Clean Production- Starting several programs with partners to assist all the member factories toward energy efficient and cleaner production.

04. Garments related education- BGMEA Institute of Fashion & Technology Established in 1999. Its main purpose to produce technically competent human resource for the garment industry. It offers short and long courses in apparel manufacturing, fashion design & merchandising. In future it will be transformed into a Fashion University of Bangladesh.

05. Healthcare for the workers- BGMEA provides healthcare facilities. BGMEA runs 12 Health Centers for the garment workers and their families. It provides pre – medical services and medicines at free of cost. It also aware workers about HIV/ AIDS and so on.

06. Increasing wages- Discussed with Bangladesh government, BGMEA ensures better minimum wages for workers. The minimum wages of all the seven grades have been increased by around 81% on average.

07. The CSR initiatives of BGMEA- BGMEA have started food rationing program for workers since 2009& also taken particular projects for the rehabilitation of the returned camel Jokies from Dubai.

BGMEA for Rana Plaza’s victim- A recent Issue
BGMEA had given salary for Rana Plaza victims in the presence of middlemen and worker agitation. About 400 workers were lined up to get salary in the date of 08.05.2013. Salary disbursement to the affected workers was held at Savar Cantonment.

At last; According to this discussion we can say that, BGMEA plays a vital role for the development of garments sector in Bangladesh. The association also strives toward the betterment of the society and environment.

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