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Fashion Accessories:
Fashion accessories and their jewelry counterpart referred to as costume jewelry are items that used as fashion's complementary. Accessories help to bring up the spot that one wants to highlight in a dress or apparel. They can also help to hide some weaknesses' part of a dress. Trends are continuously set by adding accessories to different outfits. Take belts for example, a few years ago girls all started wearing really thick belts that would never fit into belt loops, but this fashion accessory made it big time. Soon everyone was seen wearing them, today big is out, and maybe ribbon belts are in. But these things change an entire look, from handbags to shoes to chandelier earrings and dangle earrings to 80's leg warmers.
Different types of fashion accessories
Fig: Different types of fashion accessories
A list of important fashion accessories are given below:
  1. Footwear
  2. Handbags
  3. Hats
  4. Ties
Footwear, including shoes, sandals, and boots, is the largest category of accessories. More than seven billion pairs of shoes are produced worldwide each year. Both functional and fashionable, shoes come in assorted materials, including calf, kid, suede, and reptile skins; imitation leathers; and fabrics such as canvas or nylon. Today the shoe industry caters to both dress and casual trends. As a result of the enormous popularity of sport shoes, comfort has become an important element of shoe design. A number of popular shoe brands, from Florsheim to Ferragamo, have tried to combine style with the comfort of athletic shoes.
Handbags must be both decorative and functional ; it must hold necessities conveniently as well as fit into the fashion picture. Large bags such as totes, satchels, portfolios, or backpacks tend to be functional; smaller bags such as clutches or envelopes are usually decorative. Handbag styles range from classic, constructed types to soft shapes. Leather, including suede and reptile, still represents approximately half of handbag material; vinyl, fabric (tapestry, rug prints, needlepoint, silk, wool, nylon, and canvas), and straw make up the other half. Prada and Gucci are among the trendsetters in handbag design. Major trends include a wide variety of shapes in an array of colors, some with beading or embroidery.
In the past, the most important accessory was a hat. A woman bought a new hat to add a bright spot to her wardrobe; a businessman was never seen on the street without one. The trend toward more casual life-styles changed that, and the millinery industry suffered a severe setback. Of course, functional hats to protect against the cold weather remained a necessity. Today, hats are enjoying somewhat of a comeback. Part of this rise in sales is caused by fashion, and the other is because of an increased demand for sun protection.
The tie is an accessory. It adds to the look A tie can be the center piece. It can be a 'piece of color' in the center. or it can be short tie.. a piece of color around the neck i.e. a short wide piece of color. A tie is an accessory but it can be an accessory which aims to add color Ties are for men or for women who want to dress like men. Women want to have the tailored sleek look so they wear ties. But ties are also for women who want to be women. Sleek, skinny ties look good with the secretary look. It adds to the 'separates' i.e. the shirt/skirt or the shirt/trousers. With the boyish chic look last year and the androgynous look previously, the tie was certainly important. But this is the office look. What about wide ties instead of the skinny ones.
When we come to the summer season, can a tie be important for the look i.e. a wide glossy, 'glam' tie which gives the 'color' to a look. For men the tie was the 'color'; it added color. The boyish look was important in 2006, the tie was important for this. Now as fashion moves on from the boyish chic and the military before this, ties can still be important but maybe they will be the great wide ties, which give color and glamour! When we think of ties, it is men's ties, the ties that go with suits. 
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