Feature of Straight Knife Cutting Machine | Structure of Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
Straight knife cutting machine is the world’s most popular and most versatile. Available in all standard electrical configurations, with the largest variety of sizes and blade speeds in the industry. It is widely used in Bangladeshi garment industry.
Straight knife cutting machine
Feature of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
  1. Suitable for mass trimming cotton, woolen, linen leather and chemical fiber goods, etc.
  2. Neat cutting, small-curvature radius curvilinear cutting.
  3. Low noise, stable running, easy to operate and high efficiency.
  4. Incorporated with an auto knife-grinding device, easier to operate.
Structure of Straight Knife Cutting Machine:
The Straight knife cutting machine consists of a base plate, an up right stand to hold the vertical blade, motor, a handle for moving assembly, a sharpening device and a handle to transfer the whole assembly from one place to another.

Two kinds of power are required to operate a straight knife. Motor power drives the reciprocating blade and operator power drives the knife through the lay. Normally the available blade heights very from 10 cm to 33 cm and normally available strokes vary from 2.5 to 4.5 cm. The greater the blade movement the faster the blade cuts the fabric and more easily the operator can move the machine.

1. Knife
2. Sharpener
3. Motor
4. Fabric presser
5. Base plate
6. Moving handle
7. Transport handle

The most important consideration is selecting a straight knife is the power required from the operator to move the knife is the power required for the operator to move the knife through the lay. Operator effort is affected by the weight of the motor, the shape of the stand, handle height, stroke, sharpness of blade and the base plate movement.

The normal blade has a straight edge that varies from coarse to fine depending upon the type of fabric being cut. Wavy edged knifes are used to reduce the heat generation and hence can be used for cutting synthetic materials without fusing difficulties. The speed of the blades can also be adjusted by having variable speed mechanism.

The straight knife is a common means of cutting lays in conventional cutting rooms because it is versatile,, portable, chapter than a band knife and easy to maintain. Even if a band knife is used for main cutting operation, a straight knife will be used to separate the lay into sections for easier handling. 
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