Job Responsibilities of Merchandising Team in Readymade Garment Industry

Actually merchandiser works like a bridge between buyer and seller. I have written some articles on merchandising and merchandiser. Now I will discuss on work of merchandising team in a garment industry.
RMG industry
Development and Costing:
  • Reviewing the development packs RCVD from buyer.
  • Put the developments into work with product development team.
  • Clarify all necessary info with buyer as much as possible.
  • Follow up on the delivered sample deadline.
  • Work out the initial costing (all costing must be checked by merchandising manager)
  • Price negotiation with buyer.
  • Follow up with buyer reg. the feed back of the sample and costing
Order Confirmation:
  • Quoting the delivery dates to buyer after checking factory’s capacity situation.
  • Checking all the details in the order sheet once received form buyer.
  • Communicate with buyer reg. any discrepancy in the order sheet.
  • Passing the correct order sheet to all concerned dept i.e. planning, production, commercial etc.
  • Updating production development tem reg. different sample requirement of buyer at various stage (sales man, fit , sz set, pp sample etc)
  • Coordinating all fabric + trims which are required for sampling purpose.
  • Coordinating print, embroidery, wash for sampling.
  • Checking all the technical aspects of samples before releasing to customer.
  • Checking all the aesthetic aspects of samples before releasing to customer
  • Checking the quantity requirement of each sample.
  • Checking the necessary paper work of reach sample.
  • Follow up the buyer reg. each sample comments.
Bulk Fabric:
  • Work out the consumption for each new styles from CAD.
  • Provide fabric booking to fabric department with correct quantity and all necessary information.
  • Follow up on the labdips/ strike off submission and chase approval comments.
  • Follow up on the fabric delivery against critical path
  • Follow up on all fabric approval related issues.
  • Prioritizing the fabric delivery schedule based on the garment delivery
Bulk Trim:
  • Preparing the cost sheet/ check list for individual trims required for a style.
  • Chasing the trim details from the buyer.
  • Submitting required trims to buyer for approval.
  • Provide booking for individual trims to the approved source.
  • Chasing the P/I from the most ensure ontime delivery.
  • Monitoring the B/B L/C or TT payment status.
  • Sourcing all trims form the most commercially viable source.
  • Follow up with suppliers to ensure ontime delivery.
  • Lialise with store in order to ensure all trims RCVD in correct quantity and quality.
  • Chasing the correct artwork for all print/embroidery from buyer.
  • Developing the design in the best possible method
  • Provide capacity booking to print /embroidery plant in advance.
  • Submitting print/embroidery strike off for buyer’s approval
  • Passing approved copy of the strike off to the print/embroidery plant.
  • Negotiating the price with the subcontractors.
  • Monitoring the panels sent and receive dates to ensure smooth production flow
  • Communicate with supplier for general issues.
Filing and Correspondence:
  • Maintaining style file for all running orders
  • Maintaining the development file.
  • General correspondence with buyer and suppliers.
  • Critical correspondence with buyer and suppliers
  • Weekly updates for buyer, such as audit schedule, production status etc.
  • Meeting with foreign buyers and suppliers.
  • Meeting with local buyers and suppliers. 
  • Internal meeting with production, planning, quality, commercial and HRD.
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