Sand Blasting | Process of Sand Blasting on Denim/Canvas/Twill/Corduroy Garments

Sand Blasting:
Sand blasting is recently a popular dry process & fashion. It is a mechanical process of creating fading affect/old looking affect on heavy garments like denim, canvas, twill, sometimes corduroy by the action of aluminum oxide which looks like sand. For this reason this process termed as “Sand blasting”. 
Fig: Sand blast garment
Sand Blasting is generally doing which area that long time used/wear the garment fading effect occurs. By sand blasting at new position old/fading affect on garment comes before use/wear. Sand blasting is performed with combine the wash like, Normal/Rinse wash, Enzyme wash, Stone enzyme wash, Bleach wash, Stone wash and tinting/dyeing etc.

A process of Sand Blasting on Denim/Canvas/Twill/Corduroy Garments is Described Bellow:
  1. Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) is used for Sand Blasting which is looks like sand.
  2. These aluminum oxides are very fine & very hard/sharp.
  3. These aluminum oxides through by gun with dry air to perform sand blasting action.
  4. The gun has a switch to start and stop the flow of aluminum oxides.
  5. The garments to be Sand Blasting are placed on the bed of a closed chamber.
  6. The garments are instantly faded by the frictional affect of aluminum oxide.
  7. Sand Blasting is a hazardous process.
  8. Sand Blasting area is isolated from other production area.
  9. The handling of sand blasting gun is a risky process.
  10. The flow of aluminum oxide on fabric surface is done at 10-20° angles.
  11. The blowing angle is very important.
  12. Higher the blowing angle higher the fading affect & higher the risk of fabric damage.
  13. The operators should have protective standard musk, helmet, gloves, ear plug and uniform.
  14. Production/hour/gun varies from 25-50 pcs garments depend on the area, extent of fading.
  15. After mechanical fading, chemical treatments are required for the buyer’s requirement. 
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