Process Flow Chart of Sizing

Sizing is the process of applying protective adhesive coating on the yarn surface. So that the warp yarn can withstand against the weaving forces. Another way, sizing is an application of size and lubricants to the warp yarns. This is the most important segment of weaving preparatory process. Because sizing has direct influence on the weaving efficiency. It is used to p-rotect the warp from the rigours of weaving.

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Sizing of warp yarn
Fig: Sizing of warp yarn
The size is a film-forming polymer such as starch and is applied from a solution. Better the quality of sizing higher the weaving efficiency & vice versa. In fact without sizing, in most of the cases it is almost impossible to run the weaving process. Moreover in case of towel manufacturing rotor (open end) & low twisted yarns are mostly used. There fore sizing should be done very precisely for towel manufacturing.

Flow Chart For Sizing of Warp Yarn:

Size Cooking


Yarn Feeding

Sizing (in show box)




Empty Beam Feeding & M/C Running

Ends Cutting


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