Process Flow Chart of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP):
Industries through waste liquor into rivers, canals etc. Before flowing this liquid to outwards, the plant which treats this effluent to a harmless form for the environment is known as Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). 
Effluent Treatment Plant
Fig: Effluent Treatment Plant

Process Flow Chart of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Collection Tank

Storage Tank

Mixing & Cooling


Chemical Coagulation

Biological Oxidation Tank

Sedimentation & Separation of Sludge

Sludge Thickener


Discharge to Drain

All process are described below:

Collection Tank: Commencing part, waste from different section enter here.

Storage Tank: Several blower pipe in this chamber. Mixing properties are different with temp. as well.

Mixing & Cooling: Cooling tower is on paddle mixer used for mixing.

Neutralization: PH is controlled here.

Chemical Coagulation: Fe₂(SO₄)₃, Al₂(SO₄)₃ etc use for coagulation.

Biological Oxidation Tank: Artificially Eco-system established. Blowing air helps to live micro-organism.

Sedimentation & Separation of Sludge: The blanket of precipitations is skimmed off to another tank and remaining solution is removed to pressure filter.

Sludge Thickener: After exceeding the required level of recycling, sludge passed through thickening chamber.

Filtration: Filtration layer consists of sand rock which filter wet sludge to extract water rest in it.

Discharge to Drain: Release to environment with the check of final load of effluent in it. 
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