Multiphase or Multished Weaving Machine (Multiphase/Multished Loom) | Working Process of Multiphase or Multished Weaving Machine

Multiphase or Multished Weaving Machine:
All the weaving techniques discussed thus far require that the shed be open all the way across the machine for the device carrying the filling yarns to pass through the shed. This imposes a limit on loom speed. The multiphase weaving machine overcomes this limitation by forming many different sheds at different places across the machine and forming these only as the weft yarn inserted. In this way, a number of weft yarns can be inserted, one behind the other. As a section of the shed opens, the weft passes, and the shed closes, opening again in the new pattern as the next weft yarn arrives. Speed is increased because of the number of yarns that can be inserted almost simultaneously one right after the other, but the actual speed of movement of the weft yarns is lower than in other types of machines. For this reason, weft yarns that are weaker can be used. Sultzer Ruti, the manufacturer of a multiphase machine, states that its loom will insert upto 5,400 meters of pick per minute. 
Multiphase weaving machine
The process transforms weaving into a continuous process rather than a cycle of shedding, picking, and beating up. Multiphase loom continually inserts weft yarns from yarn carriers. Rotary beat-up devices press inserted yarn firmly against previously formed c1oth.If the pattern cbanges, small groups of yarns are changed into a new shedding position after each new yarn carrier has passed.

The operation of multished weaving machines is based on a series of wave like motions across the weaving surface. In general, fabrics woven on these looms do not have a true 9O-degree angle between warp and weft; the weft yarns are slightly slanted,or skewed. Multished weaving is limited to special types of fabrics, but it can be expected to gain acceptance in the years ahead.

As many as 16 to 20 weft carriers insert the pre cut weft in a continuous process Instead of the intermittent process of single-shed weaving. Beating up and shedding arrangements are different. Ln this continuous weaving process, the number of picks Per minute is doubled. However, multiphase looms have never been extensively used in the industry. 
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