Garment Washing | Objects of Garment Washing | Types of Garment Wash | Advantages of Garment Washing

The technology which is used to modify the appearance, outlook comfort ability and fashion of the garments is called garment washing.

Garment washing machine
Depending on garments construction different types of washing process can be done.
  1. Twill/Canvas/Knitted/Corduroy - Normal wash, Pigment wash, Caustic ,Si wash
  2. Denim/Jeans/Gabardine - Enzyme wash, Stone wash, Bleach wash , Acid wash
  3. Grey fabric- Super white wash
Objects of Garment Washing:
Garment washing is the best touch of a garment. Same type of garments can produce several effects for several wash . Like this:
  1.   To create wash look appearance, seems the new touch of fashion.
  2.   By the washing technique, faded/old, color or tinted affect .
  3.  Washing technique creates new fashion such as tagging, grinding, destroy, blasting, whickering, permanent wrinkle, deep dye, tie dye, p.p spray, hand crapping, p.p spoonzing etc.
  4.   To reduce size materials that imports soft hand feels.
  5.   To attraction the customers/buyer by different types of fashionable washing and market development.
  6.   Due to washing, shrinkage occurs in the garments. There is no possibility of further shrinkage of the wash garments.
  7.   Any dirt, spot or germ if added in the garments during manufacturing is also removed due to washing.
Types of Garment Wash:
  1.  Normal wash/ garment wash/rinse wash
  2.   Pigment wash
  3.   Caustic wash
  4.   Enzyme wash
  5.   Stone wash
  6.   Stone enzyme wash
  7.   Tinting (Tie) & Over Dyeing(Dip Dyeing)
  8.   Super white wash
  9.   Bleach wash
  10.   Acid wash
  11.   Silicon wash
Advantages of Garment Washing
  1. Starch materials is present in the new fabrics of he new garment are removed, hence feels soft during use.
  2. Softness feeling of garments could be further increased.Washed garment could be wear directly after purchase from store.
  3. Fading affect is produced in the garment in regular or irregular pattern.
  4. Fading affect could be produced in the specific area of the garment as per specific design.
  5. Different outlook of garment could be produced in the garment by different washing techniques.
  6. Similar outlook can be produced in the garments by different washing techniques.
  7. Initial investment cost to set up a garment washing plant is comparatively lower.
  8. Dirts and spots if present in the garment are romoved.
  9. Shrinkage occurs in the garment washing, hence no possibility of further shrinkage.
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