Crockmeter/Rubbing Fastness Tester | Working Principle of Crockmeter

In order to determine the color fastness of dyed or printed textiles or leather, this test is used for the determination of color fastness against rubbing, either under dry or under wet conditions.

Features of Crockmeter:
  1. To determine the Color Fastness of Textiles.
  2. The equipment consists of a counter.
  3. It is provided with a flat peg.
  4. It also consists of an operating handle.
  5. Tests the color fastness of the textile in a very accurate manner.
  6. It gives not only accurate but quick results also.
Specifications of Crockmeter:
  • Diameter of the Rubbing Finger : 16 mm & 25 mm
  • Load on the Finger : 9 N & 20 N
  • Size of Crocking Cloth : (5 x 5) Cms & (7 x7) cms
  • Length of the Traverse : 100 ±5 mm
  • Counter (Re-settable) : 4-Digit Counter
  • Size of Test Specimen : 25 x 5 Cm
  • Overall Dimension of the Unit : 600 (W) x 190 (D) x 200 (H) mm
  • Net Weight of the Unit : 4 Kg. (9 lbs.)
  • Construction : Cold-rolled steel
Working Principle of Crockmeter:
  1. The crockmeter consists of a rigid flat metallic platform on which the test specimen can be held firmly and a abrading finger which rubs against it under a specified load.
  2. The platform is fixed over the base of the equipment and lies in a horizontal plane.
  3. The test specimen is held firmly over an abrasive paper which is pasted on the upper face of the platform, with the help of two pins holding it at both ends.
  4. The abrading finger has a flat circular rubbing face which is covered with 4 piece of white abradant fabric during the test.
  5. The abradant fabrics picks up color lost by the test specimen during rubbing.
  6. It is held over the finger with the help of a tapered ring.

  7. Motion to the finger is given through a reciprocating arm with runs an two ball bearings to minimize friction and to apply a uniform load on the finger.
  8. The arm is moved by a manually operated crank and connecting lin The equipment is finished in dark metallic paint and bright chrome plating to give it a corrosion resistant finish.
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