Wool Finishing Processes | Flow Chart of Wool (Worsted and Woollen) Finishing

Wool Finishing Processes
Wool is natural crimped textile fiber obtained from animal hair, mainly from sheep's hair. Wool is possibly the oldest fiber know to humans. Finishing of wool can be normally classed into two ways and they are mechanical and chemical finishing. These two broad streams of wool finishing are inextricably entwined in the finishing of wool to meet the aesthetic, durability and performance levels demanded by the consumer.

The sequence of the treatments undergone by wool fibres in various forms (staple, sliver, yarn, woven and knitted fabric) varies according to the modification process of the fibre structure, according to the type of processing system used and according to the experience of the operator (these criteria are valid for all fibres).

Wool fabric are two types; one woolen and another is worsted. In this article I have given both types of wool finishing flow chart. Therefore the wool processing cycle can vary accordingly: an example is shown in the following.

Worsted Cycle:

Flowchart of worsted wool finishing process

Woollen Cycle:

Flowchart of woollen wool finishing process

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