Why Sizing is Called the Heart of Weaving? | Technological Changes Due to Sizing | Effects of Sizing on Yarn Properties

Why Sizing is Called the Heart of Weaving?
When the yarns are placed in loom machine then it comes to contact with the machine that causes friction. For this reason yarn breakage & yarn rupture may be occurred. As a result, the fabric quality becomes lower so the production also becomes lower. To prevent this problem sizing is done. Sizing gives a protective coating on yarn surface to tolerate the friction on loom machine. The size yarn may reduce the yarn breakage & yarn rupture during weaving process. As a result, fabric quality becomes better & production becomes higher.

Technological Changes Due to Sizing 
  1. Increasing in breaking strength: Inter fibre bonding system during increase the strength of yarn. It increases the breaking strength up to 20-40%.
  2. Increase abrasion resistance: After sizing the gap between fibres are filled with size & coating on the outer surface of the yarn takes place.
  3. Increase in stiffness: In sizing process stiffness of yarn is increased.
  4. Increase in elasticity: Due to sizing the extensibility of sized yarn decreased, more force has to be applied to extent the yarn. Hence elasticity increases.
  5. Increase frictional resistance: Hairs protruding from one yarn in the warp do not entangled with the hairs protruding from a neighboring yarn. It occurs because of sizing. Hence smoothness of the outer surface of the yarn increases. As a result less friction takes place.
  6. Increase in yarn diameter: Application of sizing material on the warp yarn i.e. adhesive coating of the yarn increase the diameter of the yarn.
  7. Decrease in extension: After sizing the gap between the fibres is filled by the size material hence the slippage between the fibres does not take place. So the extension in decreased.
  8. Decrease in electrostatic charge: Due to friction between yarn & roller electrostatic charge is formed. But the application of size material reduces the friction hence electrostatic charge formation is decreased.
  9. Decrease hairiness: Application of size material on the yarn parallelizes the protruding fibre with the yarn axis so yarn hairiness decreases.
  10. Decrease yarn irregularity: Sizing process makes the projecting fibre to adhere together. Hence yarn irregularity decreases.
Effects of Sizing on Yarn Properties
The following properties of yarn are affected by sizing:
  • Yarn elasticity.
  • Yarn strength.
  • Hairiness of yarn.
  • Flexibility of yarn.
  • Smoothness of yarn.
  • Irregularity of yarn.
  • Yarn diameter.
  • Yarn weight.
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