Slasher Sizing Machine | Main Parts of Slasher Sizing Machine

Slasher Sizing Machine:
This is the most used sizing process. About all types of yarns can be sized by slazer sizing process. In this process the warp is passed through a size liquor bath then through a separating unit and cooling unit.

The Slasher Sizing Machine consists of the following seven units:

  1. Back beam unit
  2. Sizing unit
  3. Drying unit
  4. Cooling unit
  5. Dividing unit/Separating unit
  6. Measuring and marking unit 
  7. Beaming unit 
Slasher Sizing Machine
    Main Parts of Slasher Sizing Machine: 
    B = guide bar
    C = Tension roller
    E = Emersion roller
    F = sizing roller
    G = squeeze roller
    H = Drying cylinder
    I = cooling fan
    J = guide bar
    K, L = lease rods
    M = coloring bowl
    N = wraith
    O = measuring roller
    P = tension roller
    Q = Nipper roller
    R = warp beam
    S = Pressure roller
    U = reserve box
    V = marking roller

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