Application of Dyes According to Fiber Characteristics | Names of Different Dyes and Their Application

Application of Dyes According to Fiber Characteristics
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Dyes may be defined as the different types of colouring particles, differ each type from other type in chemical composition and are used for colouring fabrics, yarns in different fine of colors and shades and which are completely soluble in liquid substance. They are colored organic compounds that are used to impart color to various substrates. Dyes are widely applied on paper, leather, fur, hair, drugs, cosmetics, waxes, greases, plastics and textile materials.

Dyes and it's application
Fig: Dyes and it's application
There are different types of dyes for dyeing textile goods. These dyes have different nature in fiber. It depends on fiber characteristics, chemical structure etc. The main classes of dyes are as follows:
  1. Direct dyes
  2. Basic dyes
  3. Acid dyes
  4. Mordant dyes
  5. Sulphur dyes
  6. Azoic dyes
  7. Vat dyes
  8. Disperse dyes
  9. Reactive dyes
  10. Onium dyes
  11. Pigment dyes
  12. Mineral dyes etc
All ready we know that dyes have widely used in different area. In this article I will give application of dyes according to fiber characteristics. Application of dyes in different fibers are given below:

Application of Dyes
Name of Dyes
Man made fiber (Nylon),
Natural fiber (Silk, Wool)
Man made fiber (Viscose),
Natural fiber (Cotton)
Man made fiber (Viscose),
Natural fiber (Cotton, Silk, Wool)
Nylon, Polyester, Acrylic, Tri-acetate, Di-acetate
Jute, Acrylic
Cotton, Wool, Silk, Viscose, Nylon
Cotton, Viscose
Cotton, Wool, Silk
Cotton, Man made fiber
Cotton, Wool, Silk
Cotton, Viscose
Aniline Black
Rapid and Rapidson dye
Onium dye
Cotton, Jute

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