Fibre Composition | Determination of Fibre Composition in a given Sample

Name of the Experiment: Determination of fibre composition in a given sample.

  • To find out the amount of different fibres in the sample.
To determine the composition of different fibres in a blended fabric we have to apply chemical test. Because there may consist of both thermoplastic and non-thermoplastic fibres. So we cannot different them by physical test such as burning etc. But in chemical test if it dissolves in a specific chemical we can identify that fibre portion of fabric. Now if we weight the sample before dissolving in chemical and after dissolving in chemical we can easily find out the composition of them in the fabric sample. At last we will apply chemical for the rest fibres to identify it. Suppose the total weight of the fabric sample = a and after dissolving one portion we find the rest weight = b. 
Then we can find the composition as follow:
  • Fiber composition of 1st = (a-b)/a X 100%
  • Fiber composition of 2nd = b/a X 100%
  1. At first cut the fabric into equal size of samples.
  2. Then take weight of them.
  3. Now test with chemicals as follow:
Sample no.
Dissolve one portion

The blended fabric consists of cotton and polyester. Here cotton is 42.86% and polyester is 57.14%.

I would like to thank our respected teacher for the important instructions. I am also grateful to our lab assistants for their kind help. This experiment helps me to know about the fabric abrasion resistance and its measuring test that is very important for textile testing. I think this will be very helpful in my future life.

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