Flat Lock Sewing Machine

Experiment name: Study on flat lock sewing machine and production of sample.

There are many types of sewing machines. Some are used for special purposes such as bar tack machine, button hole machine etc. This type of machine works in a cycle and so they are called simple automatic machine. Here we study on such a type of machine that is flat lock sewing machine.

 flat lock sewing machine
Flat lock sewing machine
  1. To know about the machine parts.
  2. To sketch the thread path.
  • Brand : JUKI
  • Model : MFD 47605U
  • Type : Flat or Cylinder bed
  • Group : Chain stitch
  • Needle no : 3
  • Needle name: UY-128
  • Needle size: 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 20 & 21
  • SPM : 2500-6000
  • TPI : 25-35
Adjustment : Thread, tension, needle, pressure feed, stitch density, looper etc.

Function : Sewing all types of knitted cloth.

Different parts:

  1. Thread stand
  2. Thread guides
  3. Disc type tensioner
  4. Pressure feed lever
  5. Thread take-up lever
  6. Needle
  7. Looper
This machine may be of flat bed or cylinder bed type. In our lab 21, 22 nos. machines are flat bed and 32 no. machine is cylinder bed type. Flat bed is used for sewing body cloth and cylinder bed is used for sleeve cloth. In this machine 4 needles may also be used and sewing may be done using from 4 to 9 threads. Sewing with flat lock machine the most quantity thread is needed. For example for sewing 1 inch cloth up to 32 inches thread is needed. The SPM of this type of machine is usually 6000 and 8-16 stitches may be done per inch. It is a very expensive machine and is used for mainly sewing knitted goods but also used for making woven cloth.

This type of machine can not be used for normal purpose. But for making a complete garment their importance can not be denied. Special care and sufficient knowledge is necessary for proper working. Otherwise faulty sewing may be done. I would like to give special thanks to our teacher. I am also grateful to our instructors. I think this will be very helpful in my future life.

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