Simplex Machine / Speed Frame/ Flyer Frame/ Roving Frame

Experiment name: Study on material passage and general description of speed frame/ Flyer frame/ Roving frame/ Simplex m/c.

Simplex Machine
  1. To draft the sliver to reduce weight per unit length.
  2. To insert small amount of twist to strengthen the roving to prevent breakage during next processing.
  3. To make conical or tapper shape of the bobbin.
  4. To wind twisted strand on the bobbin.
M/c specification:
  • Platts
  • The United Kingdom.
Main parts:
  1. Separators
  2. Guide rollers
  3. Drafting rollers
  4. Dead weight
  5. Flyers
  6. Spindles
  7. Motor
Fig: Passage diagram of Simplex
M/c description: Draw frame slivers are fed to the roving frame in large cans. The slivers are passed through separators and then over the guide rollers and tension rollers. Now the slivers are passed through the drafting rollers. There is dead weight over these drafting rollers. Here generally 6-15 draft is given. The delivered slivers are too thin to hold themselves together and so twist is needed. The drafted strands of fibres are then passed through flyers. These flyers create twist in the fibre strands by rotating and twist is usually 30-65 per meters. There are spindles in the flyers on which the twisted fibres i.e. roving are wound.

Required data:

  1. Pitch of spindle = 7.5 inches
  2. No. of flyers = 40
  3. Bobbinn length = 11.5 inches
  4. Lift of bobbin = 10.3 inches
  5. Outer diameter of bobbin = 1.75 inches
  6. Inner diameter of bobbin = 1.3 inches
Conclusion: The passage of material through the simplex m/c is easy. During this passage, three works are done on the sliver: drafting, twisting and winding. The output of this machine is roving which is then fed into the Ringframe. Ringframe is the last m/c of yarn spinning and after that m/c, we get yarn.
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