Dyestuff | Characteristics for a Suitable Dyestuff | Classification of Dyestuffs

Dyestuff :
Dyestuff is organic or inorganic substances which can absorb light and reflect some lights to show color. Actually, the dyestuff is water soluble substances. 
Criteria for a Suitable Dyestuff
  1. Cheap
  2. Non-toxic
  3. Compatible to other dyes and chemicals
  4. High color strength
  5. Better brightness
  6. Better fastness
  7. Good levelness on the materials
Exhaustion of the dye stuff to the fibers is as follows:
  1. Moving of dyestuff from dye bath to surface of the fiber
  2. Adsorption of the dyestuff into the surface of the fiber
  3. Diffusion of the dyestuff into the center of the fiber.
Classification of Dyestuffs
Dyestuffs can be classified according to two ways

  1. According to common parent structure
  2. According to application
Classification according to common parent structure or Chemical classification of dyes:
The chemical constitution of dyes are varied that it is difficult to classify them into distinct groups. The colour index classifies dyes as shown.
  1. Nitro dyes.
  2. Nitroso dyes.
  3. Azo (Monazo) dyes.
  4. Azoic dyes.
  5. Stilbene dyes
  6. Tgri0aryl methane dyes.
  7. Xanthenei dyes.
  8. Quinoline dyes.
  9. Methine dyes.
  10. Acridine dyes.
  11. Nitro dyes.
  12. Sulphur dyes.
  13. Thiazole dyes.
  14. Thizine dyes.
  15. Indamine dyes.
  16. Oxazine dyes.
  17. Azine dyes.
  18. Lectone dyes.
  19. Anthra quinine dyes.
  20. Indigoid dyes.
  21. Phthalocyanin dyes. 
Classification according to Application of dyes: 
  1. Basic dyes
  2. Acid dyes
  3. Direct dyes
  4. Reactive dyes
  5. Sulfur dyes
  6. Premetallized dyes 
  7. Azoic (Napthol) dyes
  8. Disperse dyes
  9. Vat dyes  

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