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1. Dyeing and Printing Books :
From this site you will get a lot of dyeing books which can fulfill all of your demand.To download the textile book named “Textile Dyeing” just click here Click This Link

2. Fabric Structure & Design:
Whether you are a weaver or fabric designer, you must have to know about the fabric as how it has been constructed, how the design has created, to get the best outcome from it what should the warp and weft and so one. The fabric structure and desing book can fulfill all of your demand. To download this Textile book just Click This Link.

3. Technical Textile Ebooks:
Engineering Use of Geo Textile is a PDF formatted e-book which contains a fewer page than a traditional textile book but it has the enought content that a people should know about the Geo Textile.

To download the textile book named “Engineering use of Geo Textile” just click here – CLICK This Link.

4. Hossiery Yarn Book:
Hossiery Yarn is one of another Textile Hossiery Book which will give you a lot of information about Hossiery yarn and its properties. To download the hosiery yarn book, then click this link here.

5. HVI Spectrum:
Textile testing is the most important section of a Textile industry. Without the Textile testing you never ever know where you should be improved and where the fault is to be corrected. The HVI is the machine which is itself a Textile Texting machines and HVI spectrum is one of the crucial part of it. To know about the HVI Spectrum, download this ebook from here - Click This Link.

6. Fashion Ebooks:
Fashion is an art. Basically it depends on creativity. To create anything everyone to know its basic concept. To develop the theoretical concept on fashion, there is no alternative way without books. Fashion related books download from here

Fashion Ebooks

7. Advanture Du Textile:
If you want to do adventure with the Textile and various textiles term them this is the perfect book for you. This is another textile dyeing and printing books. To download the “Advanture Du Textile” you can - Click This Link.

8. Spinning Books :
If you want to download a lot of spinning books .It can fulfill all of your demand. To download this spinning book just Click This Link.

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  1. Free Download Latest Books on Technical Textile, Fiber, Spinning, Fabric, Weaving, Knitting, Garments, Fashion, Design, Dyeing, Printing and Finishing
  2. Apparel Merchandising Books Free Download 
You can read and download free Textile, Apparel and Fashion books from here,
Textile eBook: Latest books in textile, apparel and fashion
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