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Technical Textiles:
Medical Textiles is a branch of Technical Textiles. Medical Textiles are such type of fabrics that are usually made with special care in collaboration of the hygienic manufacturing procedures. Most of the time Cotton, Silk and other regenerated raw materials are used to make the medical textiles. Recently the uses of Synthetics textile fiber like Polyester, Viscose and natural Polymer fibers in medical textiles have been hugely improved.
Medical textile
Medical textiles and Healthcare Textiles is one of the major growth areas within technical textiles and the use of textile materials for medical and healthcare products ranges from simple gauze or bandage materials to scaffolds for tissue culturing and a large variety of prostheses for permanent body implants.

The consumption of Medical Textiles worldwide was 1.5 million tons in 2000 and is growing at an annual rate of 4.6%. The Indian market size of medical textiles was estimated to be INR 14.8 billion in 2003-04 and is expected to grow to INR 23.3 billion by 2007-08. Market is expected to grow by 8% p.a.

Surgeons wear, wound dressings, bandages, artificial ligaments, sutures, artificial liver/kidney/lungs, nappies, sanitary towels, vascular grafts/heart valves, artificial joints/bones, eye contact lenses and artificial cornea and the like are some of the examples of medical textiles. Medical textiles are textile products and constructions for medical applications. They are used for first aid, clinical or hygienic purposes and rehabilitation

Application of Medical Textile

Examples of their application include:
  • Protective and healthcare textiles
  • Dressings, bandages, pressure garments and prosthetics
  • Hygiene products
  • Antiseptic wound dressings.
Hollow polyester fiber, hollow viscose

Application: Artificial kidney
Function: Remove waste products from patient s blood

Hollow viscose

Application: Artificial liver
Function: Separate and dispose of patients' plasma and supply fresh plasma

Hollow polypropylene fiber, hollow silicone membrane

Application: Mechanical lung
Function: Remove carbon dioxide from patients' blood and supply fresh oxygen.
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