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Warping is the parallel winding of yarn from cone or cheese package on to a warp beam.The operation of winding warp yarns onto a beam usually in preparation for slashing, weaving, or warp knitting. Also called warping.

Flow Chart of Warping:


Control system


Measuring Roller

Winding on a roller or beam
Direct Warping..................................................Sectional Warping

Requirements of Warping
To produce a quality beam suitable for the following must be accomplished: 
  1. The individual ends of the sheet should be spaced uniformly across its full width. 
  2. All the ends in the sheet should be wound at almost uniform tension. 
  3. The density of wound yarn beam should be uniform across the width & from start to end of winding the sheet. 
  4. The yarn breakage during warping should be as minimum as possible. 
  5. Density of the beam should be controlled not by increasing yarn tension but by adjusting the pressure roller on the beam in case of spindle driven beam. 
  6. The yarn should not get damaged during warping; this can happen if the drum surface is not smooth &/or the parts in the yarn path have cut marks. 
  7. The yarn sheet or the beam should not have faults, such as missing ends, cross ends, slack ends, fluff or wild yarn, high variation in tension between ends, damaged flanges etc. that will cause end break or defects at subsequent process. 
  8. Warping should not impair the physical & mechanical properties of the yarn. 
  9. The production rate of warping should be as high as possible. 
  10. A predetermined warping length should be observed.
Faults of Warping
  1. Warp off center of the beam
  2. Ridgy or uneven warp beam
  3. Cress ends
  4. Snarl is the warp
  5. Missing ends
  6. Unequal length of warp
  7. Hard beam
  8. Unequal size or weight of package
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