Different Types of Auxiliaries and Ingredients Used in Textiles

Here is some Textile Auxiliaries which are frequently used in Textile for Different purposes.

Anionic Surfactant of Textile:
These are basically Sulphonated Fatty Amide or Alkail Arail Sulphonate compounds. It is used as a strong detergent for scouring of cotton, silk fabrics.

Nonionic Surfactant:
These are basically an Ithailin Oxide Condensate detergent which is nonionic and are used to scouring, wetting, dispersing, emulsification, dust removal materials of Textiles.

Leveling Agent:
Leveling Agent is Ethyline Oxide Condensate, which is nonionic and is used as excellent leveling agent in almost all kinds of textile dye.

Printing Assistance:
Printing goods of Aromatic Nitro Compound which are familiar as named of Resist Salt. It is used as low oxidizing agent. It is widely used in scouring, dyeing, printing, mercerizing.

Mercerizing Agents:
It is free from Cresol and considered as strong wetting agent, assistance of mercerizing action as well.

Non-ionic Emulsifier:
Non-ionic Emulsifier is widely used in the time of printing while the emulsion thickener is used and can mix up well with mineral oil of water, fat, tarpaulin, kerosene, benzene, toweling etc.

TR Oil:
It is anionic and a sulphonated goods of vegetable oil which is marketed as crystal golden solution.

Silicon Emulsion:
Silicon Emulsion is used in fabric due to make the fabric anti-wetting characteristics.

Hydro-phobic Silicon Softener:
Hydro-phobic Silicon Softener is water soluble organic modified poly silicon. It is suitable for all kinds of fabric. Hydro-phobic silicon softener also used in the fabric process like dust removing, bringing smoothness, on the fabric.

Cat-ionic Softener:
Cat-ionic softener is derived from alpha ammonium compound and used to increase the flexibility of the fabric surface.

Dispersing Agent:
Dispersing Agent is special surfactant goods. Dispersing agent is used in case of Polyester Dyeing by disperse dye as dispersion leveling agent.

De-foaming Agent:
De-foaming agent is used in textile as anti foaming agent which protects the foam to be formed during dyeing.

Hydrogen per Oxide Stabilizaring:
Hydrogen per oxide stabilizer is used in per oxide bleaching to maintain the PH 10.5 to 11.8.

Dye Fixing Agent:
Specially it is used in Direct and Reactive Color to fix the components on the surface of the fabric properly.
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