Introduction of Textile Testing and Quality Control

Testing: Testing means checking, examine and verification of some items. On the other way we can define testing as; it is the process or procedure to determines the quality of a product.

Object of testing:

  • Research
  • Selection of raw material
  • Process control
  • Process development
  • Product testing
  • Specification test
Testing is governed by 5M, which are: Man, Machine, Material, Method and Measurement.

Quality: The term quality refers the excellence of a product. When we say the quality of a product is good . We mean that the product is good for the purpose for which it has been made.

Control: To check or verify and hence to regulate.

Different textile testing
Fig: Different textile testing
Quality Control: Quality control is the synthetic and regular control of the variable which affect the quality of a product. It is the checking, verification and regulation of the degree of excellence of an attribute or property of something.

The operational techniques and activities that sustain the quality of a product or service in order to satisfy given requirements. It consists of quality planning , data collection, data analysis and implementation and is applicable to all phases of product life cycle ; design, manufacturing, delivery and installation, operation and maintenance.

Objects of Quality Control:
  • To produce required quality product.
  • To fulfill the customer's demand.
  • To reduce the production cost.
  • To reduce wastage.
  • To earn maximum profit at minimum cost.
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