Process Sequence of Garment (Sweater) Operation Breakdown

Process Sequence of Garment (Sweater) Operation Breakdown

Muhammad Rahat
Dept. of Knitwear Manufacturing Technology
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT)

Sweater Operation Breakdown
Breakdown is a listing of the content of a job by elements. A garment consists of some parts and some group of operations. Breakdown means to writing down all parts and all process/operation after one another lying with the complete garment according to process sequence.

1st Step: - Needle Selection from both needle bed.

2nd Step: - Needle setting for rib as per buyer’s requirement

Needle setting by needle selection device

3rd Step: - Prepare rib height by course (c/s) say 10 c/s (Based on WPI, CPI)

4th Step: - Loop transfer from back needle bed to front needle bed

Needle loop transfer from back to front needle bed by transfer comb.

5th Step: - After transferring the loops knot up to armhole point by number of course.

6th Step: - Prepare armhole point by decreasing or increasing – decreasing both demands on styling.

7th Step: - Side by side prepare neck drop and finish up to neck line/ shoulder line.

8th Step: -

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