Stitch Length Measurement Procedure

Stitch Length Measurement Procedure
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What is Stitch Length?
Stitch length is the width of the stitch made by a swing needle machine. It is usually expressed in millimeters, and ranges from 0 to 6 or 7 on most machines. The larger the number, the longer the stitch. The stitch length is measured by measuring the number of lengths of thread found within one inch.
Stitch length
Fig: Stitch length
Stitch Length Measurement Procedure
  • At first select or count 100 (hundred) wales and identify the both ends.
  • Then open or unroll one yarn and measure the length of unroll yarn that is identified.
Then stitch length is measured by following formula


Length of 100 wales s/j yarn = 142.2 mm

Stitch length = (284.4 ÷ 100) = 2.844 mm

Stitch Length Measurement of Normal (Three Thread) Fleece

No. of wales = 100 (Counted vidually on face side )

Length of grey melange yarn of 100 wales = 454 mm

Stitch length of grey melange yarn = ( 454÷100 ) mm = 4.54 mm

Length of polyester yarn for 100 wales = 280 mm

Stitch length of polyester yarn = ( 280÷100 ) mm = 2.80 mm

Length of Carded Ring yarn (10s )100 wales = 162 mm

Stitch length of Carded Ring yarn = ( 162÷100 ) mm = 1.62 mm

Determination of Yarn Percentage of Three Thread Fleece
  • At first take a sample of three thread fleece fabric.
  • Then unroll the yarn and keep them separately of same yarn.
  • Then measure the weight of total unrolled yarn and also measure the weight of each invidual unrolled yarn.
Then determine the each yarn percentage by following formula


A three thread fleece fabric consists of grey melange, polyester and carded yarn.

Total weight of different unrolled yarn = 0.94 gm

The unrolled grey melange yarn weight = 0.40 gm

The unrolled polyester yarn weight = 0.11 gm

The unrolled carded yarn weight = 0.43 gm

% of grey melange yarn = ( 0.40 ÷ 0.94 ) × 100 = 42.55

% of grey melange yarn = ( 0.11 ÷ 0.94 ) × 100 = 11.70

% of grey melange yarn = ( 0.43 ÷ 0.94 ) × 100 = 45.74
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