Important Points for Selection of Sewing Needle

Important Points for Selection of Sewing Needle
Noor Ahmed Raaz
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Needle Selection for Sewing:
Needle is the key element for sewing operation. Perfect needle selection is a very important task for sewing master or tailor. Because the correct size and type of sewing machine needle is essential to the production of quality garments. Wrong needle selection may occur broken or shredded threads, skipped stitches, fabric puckering, seam puckering, uneven seams, or even permanently damage fabrics. There are different sizes and types of needles for different types of fabric. Fabric type and fabric weight are also important when choosing sewing machine needles. Thread type and size are also important components to choosing the right sewing machine needle. Perfect combination of fabric, needle and sewing thread can give fault free sewing. So, be careful during needle selection for the sewing operation.
Sewing machine needle
Sewing machine needle
How to Choose Sewing Machine Needles
Before sewing fabric some points should keep in mind. Either fault free product is not possible to get. Because it is not easy task which we normally think.
  1. The lighter the fabric the smaller the needle size.
  2. The heavier the fabric the larger the needle size.
  3. When using a fine, delicate thread, be sure to use a smaller needle size.
  4. If the needle is finer than sewing thread then the thread cannot move easily through the needle.
  5. The thread is finer than the needle then it may cause slipped stitch at the needle. The needle will fail to create perfect size of loops.
  6. If sewing thread is courser than needle then it will generate more friction. This will generate heat. For this reason, thread breakage will be increased and it will hamper the production rate.
  7. If the needle is finer than required fabric then sewing needle will deflect and become curve with the action of throat plate. It is unexpected to a production officer. 
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