How to Sew Garments

How to Sew Garments
Shariful Islam Iman
BGMEA University of Fashion & Technology

Sewing is one of the important processes in garment making. This process is done by different sewing machine. Normally sewing involves fastening of fabrics, leather, furs or similar other flexible materials with the help of needle and threads. After receive the garments components from cutting section, all the garments parts are joined and sewn as sequentially. It is a basic work for making apparel.
Sewing Procedure:
Sewing operation is given step by step.

Input taken and Sample arrange:
  • Input taken will provide by planning department with ensure the shipment date, size, break-down according to manpower of that line and confirm the checklist sheet of store is ok.
  • As per input taken planner will provide sample from sample department.
  • AQC will select the PP sheet and other necessary papers in the mentioned style.
  • Input man collects size-wise information from cutting section for giving the requisition in store for accessories (label; button, twill-tape etc.)
  • From store it has to ensure all the accessories if the mentioned style is in the house.
  • As per requisition store will start to arrange the accessories.
  • One requisition is given for thread
  • Input man will collect the size wise input by counting which is confirmed by cutting section.
  • Pre-work, printing, embroidery and other parts have to give by accurate check and counting as per input quantity which will taken by sewing input man.
  • Input man put the input in rack by size-wise.
  • Store will provide all the accessories as per requirement of the inputted quantity and input man take accessories by counting.
In line work:
  • After getting all necessary things supervisor will start paper layout and take necessary actions to avoid the problems which can be affected during pick production line.
Layout submits:
  • Before start the production, supervisor submit the layout sheet in IE and maintenance department. 
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