Knitting Elements of Raschel Warp Knitting Machine

Knitting Elements of Raschel Warp Knitting Machine
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Knitting elements of rachel warp knitting machine:
The knitting elements of the raschel warp knitting machine are described as follows:
Knitting elements of a latch needle raschel machine
Knitting elements of a latch needle raschel machine
I) Needle:
Most of the modern Rachel knitting machines built today use compound needle. Many m/cs, however, are still equipped with latch needles. Compound needles are set as in Tricot m/cs into trick which are cut into the needle bar and both main parts and closing elements are driven separately to open and close the hook.
Latch needle unit
Latch needle unit
The latch needles, especially developed for those machines, are cast in units, one inch long. The latch of the needle depends for its knitting operation, on the yarn.

II) Trick plate:
The loop formation in a Rachel m/c takes place on the upper edge of the trick plate. This bar can be considered as a needle bed, since the needles are placed in tricks cut into it.
Trick plate
III) Sinker:
The sinker like the latch needles are cust in units 1″ long placed in the spaces between the needles. They are used to ensure that the fabric stays bowl while the needle rise to form their next knitting cycles. The sinker of Rachel m/cs are therefore only of secondary importance

IV) Latch guard:
A steel wire which are extended from one ends to the others parallel to the needle. During loop formation, the fabric loops open needle latch but sometimes closed the needle hook. As a result a closed hook cannot feed the new yarn. This latch guard placed needle hook side. So that the latch cannot close the hook and helps to open the needle hook.
Latch guide
V) Guide & Guide bar:
The number of guide bar in Rachel m/c is more. Sometimes are of more than 70. Two types of guide bar are used-
  • Fully threaded guide bar: Used to produce ground fabric and yarn pass to each guide.
  • Guide bar with a guide finger
    Guide bar with a guide finger
  • Partially threaded guide bar: According to the design. One yarn is passed in each bar for each pattern repeat. Thread pass where design placed. 
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