How to Calculate Operator Working Rating in Garment Industry

How to Calculate Operator Working Rating in Garment Industry
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What is Rating?
Rating is the assessment of the worker of working relative to the observers concept of the rate corresponding to standard pace. It is a subjective comparison of any condition or activity to a benchmark, based upon our experience. Rating is a technique used to assess the speed and effectiveness of an operator performing an activity or group of activities.

Details of British Standard Rating Scale:
  1. 0 = No activity
  2. 1-50 = Very slow, clumy, operator appears to be half asleep, fumbling movement, weak and no interest in the job.
  3. 51-75 = Trying to get output but for their handling problem, less attentiveness they cannot make sure the quality and output also
  4. 76-100 = Very faster than other operators. the are working with their 100% concentration and make the garment with satisfactory quality and quantity level.
Performance Rating:
Observed Time
Rating (%)
Basic Time
Performance rating graph:
Chart of performance rating
From the above chart:
A is standard worker, B is a fast worker and C is a slow worker

We can see some examples of work study or its effectiveness:
Status of work study dept.
Benefits of work study department:
Benefits of work study department
Looking at the comparison shown below it is obvious that group A factories are more productive than the group B factories. This fact is further strengthened when the overall factory survey results are compared. The factories in group A have a combined score of 62% for overall performance whereas factories in group B achieved a score of only 48%.
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