Benefits of Work Study in Garments Industry

Benefits of Work Study in Garments Industry
Noor Ahmed Raaz
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Work study is not a new section in garments industry. But it is recently a popular and very much important in garments department. In garment section production is carried out by all lot of people including top and bottom label. The best possible use of man, machine and materials at present available condition is done by work study. So work study is the continue mean of increasing productivity of garments industry.
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Work study deals in garments industry to realize technical and managerial requirement. In order to improve the productivity and reduce the excessive cost involve with product by the industrial engineering principle. It is generally done by industrial engineering department. Where IE is the systematic examination of methods of carrying out activities so as to establish standard of performance for those activities.

A garment requires all lot of operations of different types. In a garments industry is operations are done by efficient workers. Work study department determine their efficiency of working and set the workers in proper place for the operations by line balancing. so work study determines the operation properly as a result best possible man , machine and materials are made up and such a way production in industry is increasing day by day.

Work study benefits:
  1. Work study can considerably increase productivity. People can benefit from less treating work, better working condition and , because an efficient company can meet competition successfully, better employment prospect.
  2. Work study raises efficiency by reorganization of work. It therefore need involve little or no capital expenditure. yet ,where such an out lay is desirable, work study can ensure that it is spent to the best advantage.
  3. Work study is systematic; its procedure are designed to ensure that no factors affecting the situation are over looked.
  4. It is the best means available for setting standard of performance.
  5. And although open seen as the basis for incentives, real value lies in the information provided for work scheduling, estimating deliveries and for accurate costing.
  6. Work study produced savings very quickly and these gains these gains continue as long as the improved methods involved are maintain.
  7. Work study is universal tool .it is not confined to the workshop but can be quickly effective in the office warehouse and in distribution, etc.
  8. Work study is the most searching technique available because it takes every into account. It reveals weakness often over looked. 

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