Study in Germany & Poland


Study in Germany & Poland
(Admission Going on for Masters Degree in English Instruction)
Available Subject: 
  1. Physics, 
  2. Chemistry, 
  3. Mechatronics, 
  4. Mechanical Engineering, 
  5. Computer Engineering, 
  6. Electrical Engineering, 
  7. Information Technology, 
  8. Computational Engineering, 
  9. International Business Management, 
  10. MBA, 
  11. Road to Democracy &
  12. Geography.
Deadline: Summer Semester- 15 Nov & Winter Semester- 15 July 
Tuition Fee: No Tuition Fee 
  1. CV 
  2. Passport if have
  3. Photo 
  4. IELTS 6 (No need for admission but students must submit in German Embassy, Dhaka for Visa) 
  5. SSC Certificate 
  6. SSC Transcript 
  7. HSC Certificate 
  8. HSC Transcript 
  9. Bachelor Certificate 
  10. Bachelor Transcript 
  11. Reference Letter from Two Professor



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