Knitting Action of Spring Bearded Needle

Knitting Action of Spring Bearded Needle
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Spring bearded needle was the first type of needle to be produced. It is the cheapest and simplest type to manufacture as it is made from a single piece of metal. Loop or stitch formation on a single needle bed weft knitting machine with spring bearded needles consists of the following stages:
  1. Yarn feeding
  2. Yarn sinking or kinking
  3. Under lapping
  4. Pressing
  5. Landing
  6. Joining and casting-off
  7. Clearing
The essence of these stages consist in the following operations:
Fig: Knitting action or knitting cycle on spring-bearded needles
1. Yarn feeding: The newly fed yarn is laid under the throats of kinking sinkers.

2. Yarn sinking: The sinkers fall down between the needles, with the yarn held in the Sinker throats. Depth of sinking determines the loop length, i.e, the yarn length used to form a knitted loop.

3. Under lapping: The yarn laid on the needle stems is withdrawn by the sinkers in direction of needle hooks and under the needle beards.

4. Pressing: Now, the needle beard is immersed in the needle groove by a presser disc. In this way the fed yarn is closed in the needle hook.

5. Landing: The knitted fabric resting on the needle stems at the needle bed is now pushed by cast-off sinkers towards the pressed needle beards, and the fabric loops (called old loops) land on the beards.

6. Joining and Casting-off: After passing the presser disc, the cast-off sinkers push further the knitted fabric towards the tips of the needles. At the same time the kinking sinkers leave the kinked yarn and the cast-off sinkers push the old loops off the needles on to the kinked lengths of yarn.

7. Clearing: At this stage the newly formed loops are pushed back along the needle stems, towards the needle bed; the knitted fabric enlarged by a new course of knitted loops, is drawn down by means of a take-down mechanism, and the process of loop formation may be started again.

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