Why Garment Industry Depends on Buying House?

Why Garment Industry Depends on Buying House?
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The importance of good management is regarding as highest not only to the production and sales department but also to the marketing department for any industry. Market concept is a kind of philosophy which can’t be defined. Actually it is a combination of behaviors and opinions controlling the management.

Now a days Bangladesh’s export sector has changed a lot. The lion share of it’s export earning is coming from ready-made garments or RMG. None can ignore the capability of Bangladesh in making garments product. Main items of this export oriented industry are woven shirt, trouser, jackets, t-shirt, short brief etc and main customers of this products are United States, Canada and European countries. With the increment of garments earning the number of garment buying house is also increasing at high speed. Finding foreign buyers, taking order from buyer, make local factories understand about the order etc. are those factors which are responsible for birth of buying house.
Garment buying house
Garment buying house
Five years ago in Bangladesh it was so hard to find out reliable buying house. But this scene has changed a lot. Now there are buying house in every corner of the capital Dhaka. Because day by day the necessity of buying house is expanding. Foreign buyers have to depend on buying house in finding supplier on the other hand manufacturers bond to depend on buying house for collecting order. In these way buying house and garments industry are in a close relation to each other. One can’t be imagine within other. As garments products markets has became greater to greater, that’s why its almost impossible for any single firm to regulate all the steps involving marketing. Structurally buying house can be called as Merchandiser’s organization. It makes a bridge between textile mills and foreign buyers. Strategically the success of any foreign buyer depends on right choice of country for his buying. And buying house helps the buyer for doing this specific job.

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