Dye House Automation System

Dye House Automation System
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Dye House Automation System:
Dye House Automation System consists of dyestuff and chemical dispensing, weighing, dissolving and dispensing lines, salt and soda mixing storage and dispensing systems.

Dye House Automation System has four major segments.

  1. Powder dye storage and weighing system [Capacity 25¬80 dye box (TBT& paternoster)]
  2. Powder dye dissolving and distribution system [Capacity 50cycle/dye (TBC)]
  3. Liquid chemical distribution system [Capacity 1500cycles/dye (RD96)]
  4. Powder chemical dissolving & dispensing but ion system [Capacity 350lt/min (SLD)]
Here two system are described below.

Powder Dye Storage & Weighing System, TBT& Paternoster
Dye itself is the most important element during the dyeing process and its exact weighing is absolutely mandatory. This precision is dependent on two factors: right sort dye and r ight amount.
Powder Dye Storage & Weighing System
Powder Dye Storage & Weighing System
TBT, supported by paternoster always provides the right and reliable solution. With data transferred from the recipe software, it directs you to the right type of dye and corrects amounts to be weighed. Two high capacity-high precision scales connected to the system ensure correct result. This precision is accomplished at a fraction of the cost of a fully automatic system.

The automatic positioning feature of paternoster operates in conjunction with TBT. It rapidly finds and retrieves the dye and directs you towards the dye with its lamps.

Powder Dye Dissolving & Distribution System, TBC
Weighing dissolving and transportation of chemicals and dyestuff causes many difficulties in dye houses. Processing every batch in equal conditions is very important to differences (deviations) between productions lost. Different categories of dyestuff require able to minimize dissimilar dissolving techniques causing operators several problems. With aid of TBC different category-specific scenarios can be applied to respective sort of dyestuff (reactive disperse etc).
Powder dye dissolving and distribution
Powder dye dissolving and distribution
Advantages of a Dye House Automation System:
The central network system of a dye house offers the following advantages.
  • Exact dosing
  • Simplified operations
  • Flexibilty and openness
  • Total integration of systems
  • Savings in time 
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