Drafting Procedures of Salwar

Drafting Procedures of Salwar

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This is a women’s lower torso wear. Easy and also comfortable to wear. This garment is suitable to all age group women and even now teens are very much crazy to wear the salwar often.

Suitable materials: Cotton, voile, cambric, linen, silk, polyester, satin, crepe-silk.

Material required: 3.50mtr, cloth-width-42”to48”.

Pattern parts: Front and back.

Measurement required: Side length-40”m waistgirth-30”, seat-38”, bottom-14”.

Drafting Details of Salwar. 

Drafting Details of Salwar
Drafting Details of Salwar
Front & Back Part:
  • 1-0 = side length + 2cm.
  • 2-0= 1/3rd hip.
  • 3-1= 1/2bottom.
  • 4-3= squared as per draft. 
  • 5 to 2=1/3rd hip.
  • 6 to 5=draw as per draft.
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