Principle of Lock Stitch Formation Techniques

Principle of Lock Stitch Formation
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Lock stitch formation is very important for stitching mechanism. The mechanism of lock stitch formation can be illustrated as below-
Mechanism of lock stitch formation
The steps of a stitch: Put the picture for each step before the corresponding explanation.

The five steps of a lock stitch formation:

Step 1:

Needle penetrates the fabric to bring top thread into bobbin area.

Step 2:

The needle begins to lift and as the needle rises, top thread forms a loop for shuttle hook to catch.

Step 3:

Shuttle hook carries the thread loop around and under the bobbin case.

Step 4:

Loop slides off hook and bobbin case, goes around bobbin thread.

Step 5:

The threads are pulled up and are set into the fabric as a lock stitch. 


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